Watch carefully, towards the end. The beginning totally faked me out.

Nah, just kidding. However, she did get an “eye injury” but I have no idea the severity of it. What I do know is that she’s okay and she’s fully functioning now LOL So I’m assuming she’s just fine. Yayyyyy~~

But anywayyyyyy, LOL wtf event is this… The Twig Giving event?
“Thanks for coming! We couldn’t afford living plants because we were afraid SooYoung would eat them all- but here, have a bag full of dead twigs!”

It’s so hard to resist the fact that she’s cute although I try to emphasize her hottness and coolness more so than anything else.
…Looks like they stopped the kindergarten pigtails on TaeYeon (thank goodness) but the infection’s moved onto Jessica T_T