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It’s time for Fantasy Baseball! ‘Cept this time, you don’t have to pick your favorite players because we already have the best one for you! Maybe if Team Korea got Kwon Yuri to pitch in the WBC, they wouldn’t have lost! Jk. Anyway, give it up for SNSD’s no.1 athlete, KWON YURI!!!

If you guys remember her first time >>pitching<< using the submarine technique, then you’ll like this one! This time however, it’s not SooYoung batting, it’s Seobaby…

…Oh Seobaby… Your positioning on the bat is way too high… If the bat was really that heavy, then you should have asked for a lighter or smaller one. I know SooYoung’s not much of an athlete, but I think we’ve found her match XD But it’s okay, you were looking hella cute ❤

My Tama Mama said

I am sooooooooooooooooooo loving this week. We got to see her acting, MCing, playing piano, then tomorrow, pitching (not to mention her everyday job, singing and dancing). That’s pretty much as all-around as one can get. Oh yeah, maybe we’ll get to see her paint or do triathlon or stop world hunger later next week or something.

While I say

I always love how all-around Yuri~ You can’t get anymore well rounded than her (at least in terms of personality).

If she painted, it’d probably be finger painting. Because it’s more fun like dat and that’s how Yuri rolls.
If she ran a triathlon, it’d be due to hyperactivity but she might not win her race because right before the finish line, her ADD would kick in.
If she were to try to stop world hunger, she might fail cuz she’d probably eat all the food (with SooYoung and Yoona).

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credits; ssf

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