Impossible, right? How can the most obvious gay celebrity in Kpop possibly be going out with the most obvious gay female in Kpop? It just doesn’t make sense!

There was a rumor, after the stupid ELVES ELFS netizens didn’t get enough with the Donghae x Jessica rumors, that went around. It went a little something like “JaeJoong and Jessica used to go out. My best friend went to Jessica’s high schoo and she said that Jessica used to go out with JJ until he broke up with her. They’re still good friends though”

Right. And Britney Spears writes music.

How can your best friend possibly have gone to the same school as Jessica if she was in the  Korean Foriegn Kent High School? And come on, while she was in high school, JJ was already in DBSK, gay as ever.

Just so you’re not completely lost, take a look at what I’m talking about and visit this >>Allkpop post<<, showing pictures that netizens have put together. Couple rings? HA! More like Identity rings; showing you are a member of their League of Extraordinary Homosexual (Wo)Men of which only gays of true nature can join. I’m sure their significant others have the same rings but since JaeJoong and Jessica are the leaders for each team, their rings were simply mistaked as couple rings. Silly netizens! Getting it all mixed up. But good for the celebrities, their ‘secret’ love lives are still safe. Only the smart and observative can see through all of this.

In other words, I firmly believe that this is just the rings that the Kpop singers who belong to the gay community wear… Just so they know who not to even go for and know who to turn to if problems arise. Think of it as the Justice League for the gays XD

But just in case… Oh no, quick JaeHo, JeNy, and SungRi (Sunghee+Gyuri) –  the netizens are finally ‘close’ to solving your secrets! They may have taken the wrong turn, but who knows what would happen if they actually got something right for once?!

Credits: to my friend Mae (YunJae lover) + maileehawj @SSF