I was going to make it say “Play with me” but I know your dirty, dirty readers would get the wrong idea. Or maybe it’s just me who thought that…

2009316 SBS Inkiyago Third performance, yay~

Geez Nasun, trying to take a note in >>Selina’s<< fashion? Someone had a Dr. Seuss moment… 😀 Any S.H.E. fans in the house?

Again, mad props for Tiffany being able to sing this song in the octave/tone that she did. I know she can hit those notes, but I didn’t think she’d be able to pull it off for almost an entire song like she did. I know this isn’t really in her rage and I was at first skeptical if it was really her or if  she was lip syncing SeungYeon’s lines… But of course, in the first performance, where she almost cracked, it was obvious that it really is our Tiffany!

By the way, make sure to look up SeungYeon’s (live) versions too. She’s good and just as cute ^^ Funny how Tiff was replaced by SeungYeon and how they picked Tiff to replace SeungYeon (for the time being?).

Credit: YT uploaders

Doesn’t this song make you feel nostalgic? Even from the title, it reminds me of when I was a kid and all I did was play outside (active kids ftw!). Sports, mimicing plays, playing house or pirate ships, etc. Damn, I wish I still had time to play like a kid. Instead I’m the weird eonni who plays with the lil kids T_T …Let’s play Mommy? (just kidding! Teen commitment issues 101)