This post pretty much goes out to anyone thats looking for some good new music. Well MFH isnt really super new, but they’re talented and thats all that matters right (: Small band that started out in my area. My friend wouldnt stop talking about how amazing they were and even invited me to the show at Jammin Java over winter break but I wasnt really interested, lol I was probably too excited for SNSD”s comeback that I didnt want anything else to interrupt. Anyway I started listening to them this past week and they are so catchy and amazing. None of them emo screaming crap.

Their most recent album, “How to Call a Bluff” has some great songs on it. I’ll link a couple of my favorites here and you can check it out if you like.

Simple Life:

Say So

In My heart:

Did I convert anyone hahah
I also like The Friday Night Boys (another band from my state) (:
Boys like Girls is also great. But yeah just a lil look into the music I like apart from the Korean and Chinese scene.