It’s piss off Cindy while she’s sick Yuri lovin’ time! I know it’s still Hyo appreciation week, but I feel Yul has been a lil out of the look lately and it’s a lot easier to find stuff on her since we have so many Yuri-lovers

Just some great updates for you Yul-files that I found greatly interesting.

On MNET super 100, Yul got #666! Congratulations~ And just in case you were wondering if the other girls landed on the spot, check >>this subbed video<< out.

>>Yuri with Tiffany (and KARA’s Koo Hara?)  at QUIZ! Sixth sense<< >>MORE pics/gifs here<< Again, wait for your page to fully load before scrolling up or down so you land on the right post (#1010 and #1015).  Poutty Tiff is cute 🙂

Random picture time!

There’s so many things I can say about this…
Yul: Yeah, that’s some good *HOW INAPPROPRIATE MARIA. EDITED BY CINDY*. Good job Jess. I approve
Yul: Dayum. Look’at dat butt *slave, dammit -_-*.
Yul: If I were a boy~


No clue what performance that was for… but i wanna see more cheer leading yul!


Not my words: This pic, she has a love bite on her hip you can see it, see? yeah?

I think we should discuss this love bite, yes?

My thoughts are that Yoona did it.

It looks like Jess has a lil hicky on her hip. Oh Tiff. Look at these two playas ❤ Showin’ off their prizes with pride!

And the grand finale:

From Tablo’s radio

Haha Apparently when Yuri gets angry at you, she writes down like a list of grievances and like pulls you aside to read them to you. And then if you try to interrupt, she doesn’t let you and shes like “no listen to what I have to say.. you did this and this and this and this” and then when shes done and you say something that she didn’t expect, she goes to another room, writes another list and comes out to correct you.

And then Sooyoung explains that the first step of when Yuri is mad is when she starts talking to herself, like she did in the kitchen with Sica in Factory Girl

From Shimshim Tapa: From Hero to Pranksta

There was a cricket in Fany’s room and they emptied out an entire can of bug spray trying to kill it. And then Yuri came in and with a paper cup, pick it up and released it outside.

Yuri got these rubber cockroach and rat toys for her birthday from fans and so shes been leaving them in Fany’s room to scare her.

Specifically, she left the cockroach on Fany’s bed and went to go exercise. Fany called Yuri and Yuri was all happy like “yeah whats up Fany” and Fany said “come home right this instant.”

LOL! seriously, when i said this girl has an all around personality, i meant it! seriously, never boring XDDD
….must keep faithful…to jess…

And there you have it, the best of the best Yul update (that I can give!)

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