Edit by Cindy: In case you wanna wait till there are subs, heres the clips of them singing (:

Listen Tablo…my first love story ❤ hahah Gee

Oppa Nappa<MUSTT WATCH. hahahah Yul that dorkk, hiding under the table and teasing the members. tiff’s laugh ❤

Tablo’s Radio show:

Preview: Tablo’s Radio Show

Mind you, I didn’t watch any of this (not even the preview) so if and when I do, you’ll be reading what I think about it later on (or on the comment section xD). Watch the rest here…

PT. 1

PT. 2

PT. 3

PT. 4

PT. 5

PT. 6

Heehee, what a good girl I am. I usually hate posting all these videos up ;p so be happy i did it, okay?

Credit: zippomaru + aichiman009