Another picture is released and it reveals a but more of what the set looks like (well more like (our) right side of the set). It looks cute so far.

Info on the MV (that I swore was going to release today!):

The director is Jo Suhyeon who did Mirotic, Jewelry’s One More Time, Seo Inyoung’s Cinderella, MC Mong’s Circus and Big Bang’s Dirty Cash.

No wonder the MV looks colorful (and I’m not just talking about their clothes)! All these MVs are great and I love all these songs too.


Look, SHINee sang Gee! LOL some girls sound like they’d be hot guys and the rest… no thanks xD.  It’s another project by voice altering master, otokee @youtube and unlike other projects (his or from other uploaders) this one just sounds so weird if boys were to sing it! Haha, the past SNSD songs didn’t sound so bad and it actually sounded like guys would sing it. But this…this song is just way too girly on a different level that guys would never sing! But it’s still cute 🙂

Credit: Tama unni @JPHIP, otokee @Youtube