Well for those who are Chinese/ keep up with the Chinese entertainment industry, you should know who Gigi is and although this is random…I was shocked to find out shes retiring so soon, but she does have her reasons. Check out the article.

Source: on.cc
Translation: Squirt88 @ http://asianfanatics.net

When Gigi attended the promotional function for her series, she unexpectedly announced retirement from the entertainment industry to focus on taking care of her brother who was seriously injured in a car accident last year. Gigi expressed that she has thought about this decision for a long time. She cried when saying these, as she is sad to be leaving behind her long acting career.

Gigi said that the new TVB series “The Gem of Life” will be the last of her work, a farewell series to the entertainment industry.

I have never been a big fan of her, actually just not a big fan of her acting..but my respect for her has grown. Leaving her beloved job to take care of her brother. From what I remember..the car crash was pretty serious and how Gigi had to stop all film productions for awhile just to be there with him at the hospital. Looks like he hasnt gotten much better, resulting in her retirement. Hopefully she’ll come back after a few years of a long needed break.

On a side note, I am excited for Gem of Life. An amazing cast and a pretty interesting plot, but it seems to be..insanely filled with sexual content. I’m excited to see Linda Chung portray an evil character, and although Bowie Lam is old…I love his acting.