Just a little random post, I happened to come across this  blog recently that uploads all these amazing new TVB dramas. If you don’t know what TVB is, its a huge company in Hong Kong known to produce pretty dang amazing dramas.

Anyway, if you speak cantonese or can read chinese then you can watch all the new dramas, then again if you dont..lol I dont know theres some with subs but they arent completed, but idk.

andd, there was a 2003 drama called “triumph in the skies”, my personal favs and I would recommend it to anyone. search veoh, watch it with subs and it’ll make you wanna watch rewatch the whole series again once youre done (: Heart of Greed is pretty damn good..but I dont think theres subs availible, well soft subs there are. Anyway, I just thought I’d share since I’ve been watching so many dramas in my free time lol..tvb ftw.