New pictures from SPAO!

6 thoughts on “spaosyoung”

  1. Migz13 said:

    I have to say… the more Soo grows older.. the better she blooms:D

  2. greyhorse said:

    wow… sexy sia… sooyoung jjang!!

  3. laura said:

    those legs… *_*

  4. Looking fabulous! Already for the beach! Soo Young is a natural beauty. No need for gobs of make-up. Those eyes! Those cheekbones and that smile combine to make a stand out anywhere classic beauty. Everyone else just get behind her! A face with character and good warm hearted one at that!

  5. Linh Elle said:

    I never get bored of seeing her. She’s always fresh and bright.

  6. Mr Pockets said:

    damn! everytime i see her, its like i havent seen a pic of her in years!
    i love this girl!

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