SNSD for Lady Dior

7 thoughts on “1298274926_201102211656029132209901_0”

  1. Migz13 said:

    wow.. Jessica sure is breaking away from their cutesy debut image.
    I don’t remember seeing any SNSD members revealing cleavage back then.

  2. dominiccah said:

    OMG SICA!!

  3. SNSDJeTi♥ said:

    No cleavage allowed! O:

  4. Michael Henry said:


    Damn Sica! …

    Now I know why I love you! 😉

  5. P-Nut099 said:

    Too sexy. Feel she’s an adult now. WHY???!!!!!! :*

  6. syonturiqeru said:

    i think this is the sexiest jessica’s picture i ever saw…. not the skirt i meant but up one……
    i can see it clearly ….. hehe
    but for sure you look so beautiful ……. hwaiting !!!!!!

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