SNSD for Lady Dior

13 thoughts on “1298274926_201102211656009132209901_0”

  1. Anoynomous said:

    oh my god! sunny looks absolutely stunning with blonde hair here!!!!!!!

  2. whappiness said:

    she looks so diff! a bit like taeyeon

  3. Migz13 said:

    nice:D Sunny looks so mature:D

  4. dominiccah said:

    0.0 i thought that was taeyeon for a second!

  5. Kenneth said:

    Gorgeous SunnyBunny 😀 😀 😀 <3333333333333333 !!!!!

  6. so cute and mature…..

  7. SNSDJeTi♥ said:

    I think Bunny is spending too much time with her hubby(TaeYeon).
    They’re starting to look alike. o:
    (Which is not a bad thing. ^^)

  8. jellyman said:

    I agree with everybody xD Sunny looks stunning and gorgeous, but I thought she was Taeyeon at first;D I suppose it’s the eyes.

  9. Michael Henry said:

    They all look SO good! ^.^

    So Sexay Sunny! 😉

  10. cathy j. said:

    she looked matured here but she is totally stunning

  11. Marie said:


  12. xcubee said:

    GOSH! you make me gay, Sunny. T~T

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