HQ Scans Of Glamorous February Issue

5 thoughts on “004”

  1. oh taeng~~♥ she’s so gorgeous!
    Love the outfit and shoes!

  2. CronoDroid said:

    What happened to Sunny in this pic?!!

  3. Kenneth said:

    <3333333 Taengoo's look here !!!! It makes her more "sophisticated" somehow 😀 😀 😀 !!!!

  4. LadyIgraine said:

    i didn’t like this theme…and is that a pole?

  5. wutdafruit said:

    not to sound like a hater or anything, but this photo in particular is extremely photoshopped… their knees and parts of their legs are blurred out, and Sunny and Yoona’s faces look plastic =/

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