A Batch Of New Pictures From Samsung China

8 thoughts on “53420452201011091449378 (5)”

  1. zizi195 said:

    what happened to seohyun’s knee?

  2. Joshua taeyeon lovers said:

    Aaa taeyeon.. I ♥ you.. *speechless*

  3. *whistles* Taeyon… *whistles some more*

  4. SnsdSUNNY-L said:

    Seohyun knee looks pain !! *whips cream*

  5. LadyIgraine said:

    seohyun’s knee 😦

  6. misstantya said:

    Hahaha look at taenggo heels, so huge! I think she want to reach seo’s height but it’s CUUUTEEEE ❤ seobaby get well soon for ur knee 😦 😦

  7. ahhh d bruise on their knees are noticeable

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