A Batch Of New Pictures From Samsung China

4 thoughts on “53420452201011091449378 (3)”

  1. Kenneth said:

    BEAUTIFUL Ladies 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!

  2. devilzjuice said:

    ahhh sooooooo beautiful
    love you Taeyeon

  3. Melvin Ng said:

    No words to describe Yooooonaaaa =SSSSSS Im melting >.<

  4. misstantya said:

    Gooooosh SEOBABY’S BODY SOOO PERFECT!!! She’s tall but still have the curve. Her innocent face makes her just like a goddes, or supermodel? hahaha I don’t know but taenggo soooo cute anyway, yuri always hot and WOW! HER SKIN LOOK SEXY AND A LITTLE BIT TANNING! Fany? Of course always sweet ❤

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