A Batch Of New Pictures From Samsung China

7 thoughts on “53420452201011091449378 (16)”

  1. jeanyhyun said:

    nice to see hyo in the center 😀 😀

  2. ^^ totally 🙂

  3. wow!!! love this pic….<3
    soohyun is looking soo beautiful…<3

  4. Justina said:

    Taeyeon look so short 😀 lol
    like that hyo is finally in the center :}

  5. Why does Sunny look so weird here? Jessica loos beautiful!

  6. taelink said:

    LOL taengoo between maknae and yuri
    gosh, why they`re so tall ! ( from taeng`s POV )

  7. one of the rare-EST times that Hyo is in the center.

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