Scans Of SM Town Live’ 10 Pictorial Booklet!

19 thoughts on “tumblrl7uli4pqmg1qahidb”

  1. lalala said:

    lol they definitely photoshopped a big chunk of the left side of her face off. what a fail.

  2. Look at what they did to her! Her head is like a million times smaller than her hand. These people are terrible. lol

  3. dsasuke said:

    why did they do that to her?
    I don’t get it,its not like they improved the photo.
    Besides Hyoyeon is naturualy cute like all the girls.

  4. Jessica said:

    That doesnt look like all

  5. Jessica said:

    besides she doesnt need photoshop..shes naturally pretty

  6. taesun said:

    ugh that’s horrible hyo is perfect the way she is

  7. Hyoyeon’s forehead isn’t that big and if you compare the picture to the picture of the group on top of the website, you can’t even tell if it’s the same person.

  8. Emily said:

    she looks kinda like sunny LOL

  9. OMG what fuck they did, I think she’s sooo pretty, but they over photoshopped

  10. sharon said:

    her face looks different but still i the only one who notices her curves and that booty 🙂 im not a perv.

  11. SNSD♥ said:

    OMFGGGG!!! What did they do to my Hyo?!?!?!? :O O_o
    She’s beautiful the way she is. No need for photoshop.

  12. corey said:

    who the eff is that its definetly not dancing queen hyo that looks like mileena from mortal kombat and not in a good way she does not need to be photoshopped that way

  13. HyoFany said:

    OH MY GOODNESS. Hey, photographer, are you sure you’re a profesional? D< Hyoyeon is cute enough. She's meant to be natural. No need for edits. I'm 12, and i can do better than you. Look what you've done. D<

  14. agree here….she’s beautiful the way she is…

  15. coffee said:

    this is not hyo T_T i love the real hyo

  16. SoshiNes said:

    GOD What a terrible photoshoping u got there

  17. sojunghan said:

    wow, if it weren’t for the text, I wouldn’t have known this was Hyoyeon. Looks sooo different

  18. Tatin054 said:

    Wow. Why the holy heck did they made her someone else? It looks like its someone else’s face stuck to her body

  19. aii….i pity the hyoyeon…she always the least the company did this to her…what a world..

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