Scans Of SM Town Live’ 10 Pictorial Booklet!

4 thoughts on “tumblrl7ukvrooml1qc2fqj”

  1. dsasuke said:

    always so cute and pretty 🙂

  2. Sunny-ah! said:

    She looks…different? I think she looks more mature now and less baby-faced. Still cute, but definitely prettier! 😀

  3. jellyman said:

    Aww Taengoo looks adorable^^ She still looks the youngest to me lol. She just has such a baby face(:
    I think they photoshopped her arms. They’re super white, and her skin tone is kinda wierd on the hands. Idk maybe it’s just me….

  4. Mercindol said:

    Taeyeon taeyeon taeyeon!! ALways the best ! SO beatiful + cute all in one. PLus the best singer hands down

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