Elite Uniform Pictures with 2PM

15 thoughts on “snsd-428”

  1. omg fany and sooyoung are sooo cute here

  2. melodi said:

    love you:*

  3. snsdfan said:


  4. love it

  5. Natasha said:

    Love u forever~

  6. Yuri)))so Cute!!!and pretty..

  7. Yoorii said:

    WHY 2PM????!!!!! -.-

  8. now that i see it
    SNSD has been pared up with 2PM soo many times
    well lots now 2010

  9. VioletSapphire said:

    Tiffany forever!! Taeyeon forever!! TaeNy forver!!!

  10. raoua said:

    tiffany love you
    you are the best

  11. HimZ Indonesia said:

    SooYoung CuTe ^^

  12. pretty

  13. cute

  14. tiffany yuri and sooyung forever

  15. yuri is verybeautiful and sexy talented and kind love YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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