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Dunno if you TaengSic shippers are still alive but some recent fan accounts mentioned the two together. 🙂 First one about the girls at a convenience store and then at the theater to see Paranormal Activity. There is also some updates on Sebaby and her hubby ❤ Read away everyone!

credits to silis7noy

Seohyun had a WGM mission shooting this morning, at some kind of children’s center. One of the kid’s teachers at the center posted a short account
“The staff was too stringent with our kids… they’re just kids come on… Anyway just Seohyun, Gain, and Seulhye came, without the guys. Seohyun and Gain were chatting away even when the camera was off, Seulhye was quiet. The kids were just clinging to Seohyun and Gain. Shooting took 3~4 hours which would normally be too taxing for the kids and it would be a miracle if I can get the kids to listen to me for ten minutes. But they would concentrate for like 20 minutes when Seohyun talked to them. I wish kids would listen to me like that TT.TT”

This episode is supposed to air in May so whether the 4 week trial rumor was true or not it now seems Seohwa couple is in for good. And just after first episode the response is overwhelmingly positive.

Recent account posted by a convenience store clerk near the MBC building.
“… Jessica came in with her long blonde hair and bought some almond chocolates, she came with some lady today. When she came with Taeyeon last time Taeyeon was reserved, different from her cute self on TV. Instead Jessica was often smiling so I thought Taeyeon was less approachable. As Jessica was paying for her stuff she smiled and told me ‘Taeyeon wanted to ask if you enjoyed the Kim Bumsoo radio and she said hello~’
It’s because I always listen to Kim Bumsoo radio in the store and SNSD was on it the last time they were here. Taeyeon was thoughtful of me I’m sorry I misunderstood you Taeyeon!! keke It made me happy I gave Jessica some Ferrero Rochers and told her to share them with Taeyeon. She said thank you she was so courteous and her voice has so much aegyo in it~ keke”

Another TaengSic witness account from last month
“You know that theatre by the Kraze Burger… Yeah that one kekeke (*It’s near SM building) It was the late night show I was there with my boyfriend and a blonde girl with glasses was buying popcorn and it was Jessica!!! Wow!!! Right in front of my eyes!! I was so surprised I kept telling my boyfriend keke Jessica then went to another girl and omg it was Taeyeon. I identified her immediately she wasn’t hiding herself or anything, with no makeup keke She really had a shiny skin… Jessica wore skinny with Uggs both of them were so thin TT TT The two were wandering around holding hands then they went inside TT TT It was the one showing Paranormal Activity keke”

Isn’t that some horror movie? Wonder if it wasn’t too scary for Sica. Taengoo did mention on Chinchin about Paranormal Activity she didn’t like it that much. Taengoo likes going to movies she also said everywhere people were talking about Avatar so she wanted to see it for weeks but didn’t have time. So one sleepless late night she finally went with manager oppa and watched it all night.


Who wouldn’t shut up and listen to Seo if she was in the room *sigh* ❤ Too precious.

I love these short fan accounts of fans spotting the girls outside of the “entertainment world” and just as themselves. I can just imagine Jess’s voice…oh here comes the Jessbian inside of me. 😀 And Tae remembering how the clerk listened to the radio show. These are true kind-hearted celebrities right here.

and LOL. Ihonestly did NOT expect Jess to have the balls to watch Paranormal. Well to be honest, it wasn’t THAT scary as some put it but still..who could forget Jess during Horror Factor?

Starts around 4:30. hahahahah can you imagine this girl flippin out in the theatre XD