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Sisters’ Code.

On Hello Baby Jessica said that she got in trouble when she was a kid because she sucked on Krystal‘s bottle.
And bottle I mean well.. a baby’s bottle

Pooltides & Soompi

Damn Jess, no wonder why you needed braces… Don’t you know sucking on nipples (okay, don’t. I’m being serious here XD) for too long hinders teeth alignment? So from the age 4 and a half till let’s say about 6… you were sucking on her bottle?! Poor Krystal, no wonder she didn’t even have time to gain baby fat like you did during your early days of SNSD lol.

If you don’t want to see the blown up version of the above picture without the red circle I made around Krystal’s face, don’t click the link below.>>FULL IMAGE<<

Heh, I guess she was just trying to practice for the future… Hehe and yes, this time, you know what I mean ;]

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Haha, the accent is cute 🙂 And don’t worry Krystal, such a busy boss like your sister turned her more serious. Less time for talking. Don’t take it to heart!

@JEyon: yeah, I’m too lazy to comment on your comment so… Don’t tell me about BA:BO! I’ve yet to watch it. I meant to make time for it as soon as it released with subs…cuz I mean, come on! It’s Cha Tae Hyun and Ha Ji Won! But now that I found out Seolri is in it, I definitely have to watch it sooner. I saw some clips of Seolri in Punch Lady and she looked damn good as a kkangpae middle schooler.

She was probably 13 or 14. You know Asians, they never really look their age. It must be the braids… You know how when they used to put Taeyeon in those ridiculous pigtails that made her look like she was 7? It’s probably the same affect. In the movie/drama she was in with DBSK‘s Yoochun, she had her hair down and she looked much older than the age she was when she filmed it.