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Congrats to the girls for continuously winning awards, left and right. This time it was from the MBC Entertainment Awards and the MBC Drama Awards. Jess also performed Naengmyun at Entertainment Awards

SNSD won a special singer’s award at the MBC Entertainment awards.

The MBC Entertainment Awards ceremony was on December 29th, at 9:55 pm, at the MBC studio center in Seoul, where it was MCed by actor Lee Hyuk Jae. SNSD attended the awards ceremony and won a special award.

Taeyeon stated that they won the award thanks to the member’s activeness in different areas of entertainment. MBC’s “Show! Music Core’s” hosts Tiffany and Yuri thanked the producer’s of MBC’s “Show! Music Core” especially for helping them out in the MCing business. Yuri added with a cute expression “I thank all of the sunbaes who made us shine in the entertainment world”.

In Addition, Jessica preformed her hit song “Naengmyun” with Park Myoungsoo for the first time in a while.

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SNSD’s Taeyeon won MBC Drama Awards’ Best Radio Newcomer Award with her radio show, “Taeyeon’s Chin Han Chin Gu”

MBC Drama Awards is held on the 30th at MBC Studios at Yeuoido.

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Translations: Wenfany@Soshified

Tae’s award is seriously amazing. There are so many other DJs out there and she is certainly one of the youngest. To scoop this award just says alot!