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Edit: Oh, there’s one more video!

Haha I love saying that…

Anyway, it was all a hoax and >>I was right<<.

I’m happy I’m not the only one who thougt that way. Seriously Taeyeon, like I said, you just need to be encouraged again. I’m sure public encouragement is more than enough. You’re doing fine 🙂 Plus, if you don’t do it, Jessica‘s gonna have to go back to doing it and that’s just not how things are run in a maf— group…….. LONG LIVE KPSD!

There was more I wanted to add to this… but it’s hard to think when you gotta humor a drunk person on the phone. So I’ll leave it at that… g’night y’all! (unless I write more posts lol)

Credit: Toebeast @YT

Hehehe looks like celebs know writers’ secrets ^^;