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Despite internet hardships, Tiffany did her best to greet the fans just as August 5th rolled about, posting a handwritten message on the official site.

let's go on for a lifetime
Instead of writing the phrase, “우리오래가자 (let’s go on for a long time)” she instead one-upped us with “우리평생가쟈 (let’s go on for a lifetime ♥). Awwww, best idol ever! Underneath she also wrote “Happy 6th SoShi + SONE ~ LOVE YOU xo”.

The accompanying message with the above photo was;

[From. TIFFANY]: ♥

From 11:58.. until 12:25,
I tried hard to change my UFO photo..
But 00:00 passed, so I was just going to give up..
But I came to the official homepage, thinking of SONE one more time..
happy 6th anniversary.. let’s go on for a lifetime♥

You tried Tiffany! You tried! In fact it seems she finally got UFOtown to work, and later uploaded a SelCa of herself and Prince Fluffy, complete with a crown to censor Prince’s crown jewels.

prince fluffy
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