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On this day in 1989, a baby was brought into the world that would grow up to be a a pink-lover, a dedicated worker, a passionate artist and a fantastic baseball pitcher. This baby was of course, Hwang Miyoung a.k.a Stephanie ‘Young’ Hwang.

Words can barely describe the amazing woman that this baby(cake) grew up to be. Any of her fans will tell you; you need only open your heart to her a little bit, simply give her a chance, dip your toes in the deep, beautiful ocean that is Tiffany and you will discover a woman of amazing strength and unending kindness, perfect with all of her flaws.

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So happy birthday! Happy birthday to the silly and bubbly Hwang Miyoung; the bringer of second hand embarrassment, lover of pink, hater of bugs, bearer of the world’s shiniest smile. Hwang Miyoung who cries over injured dogs, speaks formally to children and gets pranked by her teammates (probably on a daily basis).

Happy birthday to Stephanie! The daring and passionate girl who crossed oceans by herself in chase of her dreams. Who, even though she has gone through so much hardship and heartbreak, has so much faith and love in her heart. So much that she inspires protectiveness and love in others.

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And happy birthday to Tiffany! Professional, hard-working Tiffany who sings until her voice goes hoarse, refusing to let even vocal nodules stop her from doing what she loves. Tiffany who can be gorgeous, cute, sexy, fierce or shy, sometimes all at the same time! Tiffany with the powerful voice to go with her spunky stage charisma and the beautiful smile to go with her beautiful heart.

Thank you for inspiring us to be better people. Thank you for teaching us about dedication, humility and respect. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and thank you for being a part of ours. It has been a genuine pleasure to see you blossom into such a confident, beautiful woman.

Fany Fany Tiffany, you are more precious and brighter than jewels and we wish you as much happiness on your 25th birthday as you give us.

Happy birthday!

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