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… And again and again!

Last weekend, from September 9th to 11th, SNSD returned to Taiwan and held three magical nights of concerts as part of their second Asia tour.

[Warning: Media heavy]

Like the previous tour in October of last year, the chosen venue was once again Taipei Arena, and it erupted with cheers and applause as Taiwanese SONEs welcomed back their favorite girls’ with more than just open arms:

With the now familiar set list, the girls’ gave fans a show that they would never forget, as the members dazzled with their amazing group performances (sans Sooyoung) and impressive solo stages:

In return, Taiwanese SONEs prepared some truly epic events for the girls’ on every one of the nights, making sure that their Girls’ Generation leave Taiwan with their own unforgettable memories.

September 9, first night event:

During the girls’ performance of ‘Complete’, SONEs in the arena held up pieces of paper that read, “Welcome Back We Missed You So Much”, whilst at the same time, fans sitting up in the second floor raised up green light sticks to spell out the Korean characters, “소녀시대9”.

SONEs also stuck “PRAY FOR SOOYOUNG” stickers to their wrists, which they then raised into the air after the girls’ performance of ‘It’s Fantastic’.

September 10, second night event:

The crowd once again held up pieces of paper at the end of ‘Complete’, this time with “YOUR SONE” written on them, whilst the people on the second floor spelt out “FOREVER” with their green light sticks:

Ahhh I see what you did there… “FOREVER YOUR SONE” or “YOUR SONE FOREVER” either one is just simply daebak!

Also, towards the end of the concert, SONEs began to throw dozens of pink balloons up and around the arena:

September 11, final night event:

The final night saw emotions run high, as Taiwanese SONEs outdid themselves with the finale of their planned events. Following the end of ‘Complete’, the phrase ‘가지마요 >_<’ (Please Don’t Go) was created using the green light sticks, whilst papers with the same phrase were held up by SONEs, drawing tears from the girls’ and fans alike:

And in an event similar to last year, upon hearing the final three beats of ‘It’s Fantastic’, every SONE in the arena launched a pink ribbon into the air effectively creating a streaming ocean of pink that would have made the girls’ so proud…

… Even if they have seen it all before. Just take a look at their faces:

And finally, as the girls’ gave their final bows to the crowd, SONEs prepared a special surprise for the soon-to-be birthday girl Hyoyeon (September 22nd).

They held up pieces of paper that read “KIM HYOYEON 09/22 HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, whilst her name was spelt out in green on the second floor. And seeing that no birthday is complete without a cake, one was rolled out onto the stage and everyone enthusiastically sang Happy Birthday to Hyo:

Also, not specific to any night, fans had prepped a custom designed fridge full of food for the girls and staff members of the concert:

The girls’ have mentioned how touched they were receiving such a gift from fans, during a press conference for the concerts, Taeyeon commented:

We love to eat snacks and fruits so this special fridge is like a treasure chest to us. It was really creative!

They also expressed their wish to auction off the fridge for charity in the future.



Not surprisingly, the Taiwan leg of the tour was a complete success according to various Chinese/Korean media and on the SMTOWN/Girls’ Generation Official Facebook pages:

September 13, 2011

Asia No. 1 Girl Group, Girls’ Generation, Achieved a Great Success on their Second Solo Concert in Taiwan!

First Foreign Girl Group to Hold 3-day Arena Concert, Drew Largest Audience Ever!

Girls’ Generation proved their Asia no.1 popularity by holding their second solo concert in Taiwan in great success.

Girls’ Generation thrilled over 31,000 audiences by presenting fantastic harmony and performances at ‘2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR in TAIPEI’ which was held at Taipei Arena for 3 days (Sep. 9th ~ 11th), the largest concert hall in Taiwan.

Especially, Girls’ Generation proved their ticket power by extending the concert date at the explosive request of the audience. And also Girls’ Generation became the first foreign girl group to hold 3-day concert in Taipei Arena and drew largest audience ever.

In this concert, Girls’ Generation presented total of 31 various songs such as ‘Gee,’ ‘Genie,’ ‘Oh!’ and songs from their first Japanese album such as ‘Bad girl,’ ‘The great escape’ etc. And also they presented individual performances which fans could enjoy the charms of each member so it was enough to receive explosive responses.

In addition, Taiwanese fans prepared special events for Girls’ Generation and created a touching atmosphere. For the first day, Taiwanese fans made a ‘소녀시대9’ message with green light sticks and for second day, they spread towels which has ‘Your Sone (the official Girls’ Generation fan club)’ message on it.

For last day, Taiwanese fans threw pink ribbon, which is the symbol color of Girls’ Generation, to the stage right after the last song ‘It’s Fantastic.’ Moreover, during the concert, fans prepared Hyoyeon’s birthday party and celebrated the day together.

Meanwhile, this concert was sponsored by Seoul and Seoul Tourism Organization so Seoul promotion booth, photo zone and promotion videos were presented to Taiwanese fans on Sep. 10th ~ 11th. And also, KPOP Cover Contest was held on Sep. 10th and attracted fans’ attention.

It is also being reported that the concerts have generated a whopping US$3.51 million in revenue from official ticket sales and merchandising – a successful concert indeed!

The girls’ are scheduled to continue their second Asia tour with six concerts in Singapore early next year. Ticket sales and information to be announced at a later date.

For now, enjoy the following pictures and a selection of must see fancams from the Taiwan concerts.



Fan account:

Tonight all 8 girls were in good mood ^^ All of them were smiling like an idiot. Their chinese was very good as well . Maknae and Sunny cried during the “FOREVER” lightsticks and “Your SONE” events . When singing Gee, Sica turned the wrong way, giggled and went back to her position . Yuri’s dancing was so good that i felt like dancing along with her !! Eyesmile Tiffany kept >< During Yoong’s solo, she kicked away the pole, even that was awesome. During Naengmyun, Fany’s rising stage jammed, she had to climb up herself XD

01. Genie (Tiffany Rap Remix)

Looking from the front was shocking, when the box opens, it like goddesses came . Facing us was Taeng,Sica and Fany, when they were walking down my eyes suddenly could not focus on them . Secretly look left and right for abit then got back my vision x.x Taen’s skin was very white and soft!!! The others had good skin also but standing in the light Taeng’s skin looks alot better ! Angelic face with devil body, full of talent , they are really like goddesses . As for Sica, I personally felt that this time Sica’s make up was not very natural but still she looks pretty! She looks like shes in a good mood as well . Fany’s eyesmile was full of power, for a few times I felt like she has taken my soul away .

02. You-aholic

03. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver)

04. I’m In Love with the Hero

I was only able to above the shoulders as the Genie box was not taken down yet . The 8 girls came to the front stage during the 4th song. When the black curtains came down, it didnt cover properly and covered us sitting in the 1st row as well . All we could see is the staff busily attaching cables to the girls preparing to lift them up . When the curtains came down, everywhere was busy , infront had Taeng Sica & Fany . I kept turning my head and slowly became dizzy. Today sica kept on giggling . Ahh she so cute.

05. Let It Rain (Korean Ver)

It was time to enjoy the lovely voices.

It shocked me, when did the girls’ chinese became so good?? Sica and Yuri’s chinese was good. Taeng and Yuri said that they were very fortunate to come to tw but the truth is that we SONEs are the most fortunate!

06. Snowy Wish

07. Fun & Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)

08. Kissing You (Remix)

09. Oh!

Slowly one by one came to wave their hands and smiled infront of us, I exchanged glances with Maknae and Taeng !! My friend said that the others had also exchanged glances but I could not rmb Orz . There was once, Yoong ran infront of us, i took my friend’s Rilakkuma cushion and waved it . After 10mins, I was sure that Yoong saw it cause she laughed embarassingly . The cushion wasn’t original so it was long and weird. After the 2nd half, she looked very happy and wasn’t embarrassed when she saw the Rilakkuma cushion again.

During Oh, my eyes were on Maknae. During Sica’s It It It It It It Ah, Maknae made me laughed . She used a very serious look when she placed her hand on Sica’s shoulder.

10. Please Don’t Stop The Music – Hyo solo

She was so beautiful ! Able to see Hyo’s dancing was a big enjoyment . When she walked forward , I was able to see her good figure and face .

11. Almost – Jessica

Talented Sica, her singing was very stable today. Her dress was really mesmerizing. Sica looked really like a doll, i wished i could buy her home for colllection … When the song ended, Sica’s little steps was cute . Behind her was the staff helping her to support the dress.

12. 3 – Sunny solo

Watching this perf live was AWESOME . Her eyes and actions were very seductive . I was so shy when looking at her closely . Her figure was so good even though her short body . Other than that i was awesome .

13. Lady Marmalade – Taeyeon and Tiffany Duet

TaeNy co-operation was good . There were alot of small actions.

The most impt thing i wanted to say is that Taeng had abs!! Comparing it to the past few perfs it looked like a small kid wearing the wrong clothes XD Taeng is really soft and white. Watching TaeNy singing made my hair stand !!

14. The Great Escape

15. Bad Girl

In the album, the 2 songs are my fav . Looking at Soshi dancing was an enjoyment

16. RDR Solo intro : Devil’s Cry – Taeng solo

17. RDR (KOR)

18. Beautiful Stranger

19. Hoot (KOR)

Only one word for Rocker Taeng . AWESOME . Almost made my hair stand . The girls walked to the front during Hoot’s Ending. Looking at close distance, taeng’s was so handsomethat i waved my board with my mouth wide open .

20. If – Yuri solo

21. Stuff like that there – Seo solo

22. 4 Minutes – Yoona solo

Yuri’s hairstyle today was beautiful . Even though i didn’t kept staring at her when the 8 girls came up, but i glanced at her beauty sometimes. How can a solo be so beautiful and handsome! After that was Maknae’s solo , I almost cried , able to see Maknae dancing Tip-Tap. The figure, face and voice T-T When i was touched till i almost rised to the sky , it was all ruined when the hair dropped . Even thought its just a strand, Maknae still made me fly to the sky . Yoong’s solo was sexy and cute . When yoong went to the front, i felt that her clothes was very very beautiful . lastly was the ending , yoong kicked the pole away but the ending pose was still awesome .

23. Danny Boy

24. Complete

25. My Chilld

The lightstick and “Your SONE” event made Maknae and Sunny cried … Sunny was the 1st to cry . Being able to touch the girls heart , i was also very happy . We were also very~~~ happy so please dont cry T-T My Child’s ship started moving,heard that Yuri threw her crown away . The boat jammed for awhile when it came to the front stage , saw yoong and taeng’s cute shocked face . Today’s the beat wasnt very perfect as Taeng’s wasn’t able to keep up when the ship was moving. It was a good opportunity to attract the girls attention when the boat stopped on the small stage . I waved my board and keroro, shouting Seohyun ah~ and i got the chance to exchanged glances with seohyun again! Maknae you really made me touched T-T

26. Naengmyun

27. HaHaHa

28. Gee (KOR)

This part was Fan Service time . Fany’s rising stage jammed so she had to climb up herself XD Almost had fanservice with all the girls . Sica’s chun li hair was so cute!! When singing Gee , only sica turned the wrong direction . If i recalled properly, it was fany who reminded her. Sica was embarassed and quickly walked back to her position .

29. Forever

Sooyoung was not here so i had to look at sica Today sica was in a good mood, kept on giggling . You waved at her , she will wave back at you . Sunny too .

This time we shouted Let’s go SOSHI Let’s go (clap) x2

Felt that it was pretty interesting. Fany said that she heard it at backstage.

30. ITNW (Encore)

31. Way to go

32. It’s Fantastic (KOR)

ITNW … I recalled that i cried during the 1st asia tour . but this time i did not . Not only was i touched, i was proud of Soshi . From debut till now , you guys had experienced alot . Not for long , Taeng danced wrongly , such a cutie . During the 2nd half of the song , Taeng’s voice sudddenly became very cute. I’ve never heard such a cute version before! Don’t really know whether was she tired or what but overall today’s voice was good.

Way to go . The 8 girls spread and ran to diff parts of the stage. When it was ending, everyone tried their best to attract the attention of the girls. SONEs behind me were quite tall.

Last song was It’s Fantastic .. At the start sica and maknae respectively went to the left and right stage . Centre stage left Taeng Yoona Fany Sunny Yuri Hyo . Only saw this 6 dancing and jumping around . Especially Yuri , she was veyr high!


Hyoyeon was very good to the fans . Fany saw the “Pray for Sooyoung” stickers, the Korean PD quickly turned the camera to the sticker on a SONE’s arm . When Sooyoung appeared on the VCR , the screams were very loud . Hopefully when Sooyoung saw the news, she could feel how much we miss her .


translated by @_rlaxodus

I highly recommend that you also read this fan account from Soshified member Hurricaneboi. It’s very in-depth and is probably the next best thing to being at the concert – Login/Registration is required.

Credits: fanwonder.com, Fraker_Ya@twitter (compiling of the pictures), respective youtube uploaders; all pictures as tagged.

Tidbit: Word on the street is that Spore SONEs are already in the planning stages of their Soshi concert events. Hrmm… Wonder what they will come up with…