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We just broke our new staffers in as well as our attendance in the podcast…. holy flurk.

Today’s very special anniversary podcast contains over-the-top-stabbing-in-your-sleep-aegyo from our new staffers, my fan account of the opening night in Seoul, a backwards beat game (hit pause and try it out yourself!), j!zz in my pants, and the cleanest edit so far. (Shoutout to my new sidekick our new staffer nukem384 for being prompt with the edit).

Click: 십일/열두

Also check under the cut for my fan account of Soshi’s opening concert night in Seoul.

And for my most serious post ever…… (or not)…

DISCLAIMER: This writer will be preaching on her soapbox, feel free to disagree with the sentiments but bashing will not be allowed. Furthermore, only the mature should read on.

MAEniac’s fan account:

In my lifetime, I’ve been fortunate enough to see many great artists (imo) –some of which include: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, No Doubt, Talib Kweli, Danity Kane, Supernatural, John Legend, Boyz II Men, soon-to-be-Lauryn-Hill… the list goes on and on.

But among these greats, I’ve realized the number one common denominator of these blessed entertainers is the: goosebump factor.

The only thing louder than the roaring crowd in that arena the second the lights got dim was the sound of my own heart bursting in my ears.

After the intro video, this huge pyramid opened up in the middle of the arena and they performed “Genie.”


Tiffany had a rap break right before her “Seoul put it back on!” –as an avid fan of hip hop (imo) and the Girls, a HyoYeon/YuRi rap may have been suited better for the song because not only do these dancing machines have the tones for a rap (i.e.: deeper pitches, although the Mushroom’s voice can get to a sexy husky vibrato GRAWR), but their styles fit better. (Tiffany will always be my smiling, bubbly California girl.)

As far as the lyrics… S.M.E. you’re rich enough to hire a decent English songwriter/ghostwriter……… but I do suppose those lyrics were enough to satisfy your main demographic, the KS<3nes. (You live another day S.M.E. but I have my eye on you.)

Afterwards they went on to perform “You-Aholic,” where I got a nifty fan-cam of 4 of ze girls closest to me. Jessica = YUM.


Then the girls went center stage again and performed Mr. Taxi in Korean, the special effects scared the aegyo out of me. (Check my fancam.)

Mr. Taxi
Mr. Taxi Hyo Dance Break, Yuri Bridge 

Now we’re only about 20 minutes into the concert and the Girls perform “I’m in Love with the Hero.” This is their first big prop of the night when the girls go center stage and have the curtains drawn only to have them pulled back and reveal everyone except TaeFanySica on elevated plaforms.


I’m relishing in the moment, happily taking pictures/recording the Girls, when all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder. This buff security guard is looking me dead in the eye with the angriest look on his face like I just stole his kimchi, ate it in front of him, then licked my fingers..

He starts yelling in Korean at me and the KS<3ne girl next to me who is ALSO flaunting her camera, that we’re pretty much getting kicked out of the concert. (…At least that’s what I think he meant ‘cuz he was using the hitchhiker thumb towards the exit sign…)

Fortunately for me the chick starts breaking down into tears and tries to plead with him but he’s not having it ‘cuz next thing I know he latches onto her arm and starts dragging her out of the crowd.

As for me? I do what 소녀시대 taught me. I MAKE MY “Great Escape.”

I grab my friend and our staffer Enneangelous and pretty much ran over some KS<3nes to escape securrrrty

I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  It was wrong of me to run away but two things happened as a result: one, I got this much closer to the girls as I squeezed through

and two, there was no way in SHINee HELLo I was missing this:

After that fiasco, I left my stalker camera in my bag until the very end where the Girls did their encores.

Fast forwarding a bit, during “Oh!” HyoYeon got whapped in the face by one of the members’ hair as according to my friend.

Hyo’s was the first solo stage and her outfit was a jaw breaker. More than that, I was surprised by her singing ability.

Let’s be real folks, HyoYeon probably gets the fewest lines in all their songs (her and Yoona); they will always be on the backburner when you have the vocal starlets like SeobabyLady and the Kid Leader.

And I was expecting a real ass kicker for her dance moves, but this time around HyoYeon chose to showcase her vocals.

Regardless, this 언니 is proud of you kid.

Jessica I swear is smex on a stick. That dress was…. WOW.  And her piano skills… she’s been hiding it as much as she’s been hiding that damn camera…

Sunny’s solo stage was my 2nd favorite. That girl KNOWS how to work the crowd AND her body. If I was a guy…………..

Now onto (imo) the best solo of the night: Sooyoung’s.  If I was a super talented, funny, and beautiful entertainer part of a 9 girl team, who needed her solo stage to stand out from everyone else’s it’d be one thing:


From, beginning to end that’s what her solo was.  That elegant gown hugged and stopped at just all the right places on her lithe figure. The suggestive music complimented some very well put together choreography and to add to all that, SooYoung’s ever-knowing smirk that she knows she killed her entire routine made me giggle like a school girl.  And I’m not a giggling kind of girl.

Onto the emo portion, the Girls sang “Complete” and all the S<3nes busted out signs that said “보고싶었어” (We missed you). I didn’t get the memo (thanks KS<3nes -_-) but it had the same effect on the girls nonetheless.  Jesshikar started the cryfest and everyone else just broke down on stage.

I can’t even talk about it, I’ll start crying if I try to retell it.

The girls then got on a crazy toy boat float and sang “My Child” where Tiffany was just wailing and saying thank you to the fans the entire time.

After a really cute video with SHINee’s Key and (short appearance by Taemin), the girls came out to do “Naengmyun, HaHaHa, and Gee.”

If I thought the S<3nes were loud at the beginning, this was nothing.  It was like every single person in that arena was shouting at the top of their lungs and there were thousands of us doing it.

I was feeling Soshi fandom full force.

After “Gee” the girls went inside again and the fans started cheering for a bit of a weak Encore because everyone was cheering off rhythm haha.

When they came out again they did their debut song “Into the New World” and I just HAD TO whip out my camera again. (Suck it security.)

Into the New World HyoRi dance break

Man I was totally hoping they’d do their crazy 8-count dance step at the very end of the song, but it’s tiring I know :[. S’okay girls, I forgive you. ❤

TaeSica ITNW Ad-Lib / Girls’ High Kick

Now I was on the prowl the entire night for my OTP’s (JeTi, YoonYul, SunYeon, HyoYoung) to do SOMETHING the entire night but I was getting no love.

BUT PRAISE THE LAWD I knew that if there was ONE song besides “Gee” where I knew I’d get some Cali girl lovin’ from Jessica and Tiffany it’d be “Himnae.”

I knew watching hundreds of fancams from their other concerts would pay off someday! HA!

Beginning of Himnae // Tiff –Broken Mic

Unfortunately my babo butt couldn’t get the cam functioning correctly so I was only able to get snippets of them.  AND Tiff was having some technical difficulties with her mic so she had to run backstage, which meant cutting down on my OTP time >_< BOOOOOO!!

SoShi Hands In

…Funny how when everyone dispersed, a girl with a DSLR camera with a lens the size of my arm walked passed me.  I’m pretty sure she was just a fan and not in the media…

I’ll never forget that feeling or that moment seeing them so close for as long as I live.  Someday I’ll shake your hands and let you know how much you’ve helped me in your extraordinary little ways.

God Bless each and every one of those girls.

All the pictures and videos rightfully belong to SNSD Korean. Do not take without permission. Violators will be prosecuted –or violated. Depending on my mood.

Credits to my friend for helping me make the new podcast drops, check his site out: