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Today saw the release of the All About Girls’ Generation ‘Paradise in Phuket’ DVD, and SONEs who were fortunate enough to have obtained a copy, are probably isolating themselves from the rest of the world for the next 12 or so hours.

For those unfortunate among us, let’s make do with the following fan taken shots of the product itself, and imagine that we are holding it in our hands…

Beautiful isn’t it? And that’s just the packaging, can’t imagine what is in store for SONEs on the actual discs!

And those wondering whether or not the DVD will be subbed in English, well hopefully this should answer your question:

Credit: Tetsuya@SONEms; Yurui@twitter (pictures)

Tidbit: Come on S. M., where is the Blu-Ray version? Give me a release date at least! Pleassseee…