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Shoujo Jidai recently made an appearance on TBS King’s Brunch for an interview, which you can check out below:

At 1:50, the host begins speaking in English to the surprise and excitement of JeTi, and I guarantee that you will replay this part over and over because it is totally spazz-worthy (hint: eye-smile)!

Hit the jump for a transcript of the interview

Courtesy of TEENTOPTHAILAND@youtube:

Just a rough translation to this clip

(Part1) mc : everyone can speak japanese

fany : a little …

mc : the person who can speak the most is?

*all point to sooyoung*

sooyoung : only daily conversation

mc: now studying japanese?

sooyoung : yes, everyone too are studying hard

mc : tiffany and jessica can speak english ?

* english conversation * (i’ll skip this part ^^)

(Part2) mc: 1st album release is on june 1st! congratulations!

fany: the album has the released gee, genie and taxi, and also many new songs included. we are challenging new styles and would like everyone to quickly hear them.

*the mini bag*

mc: this is included?

sooyoung : inside this (album box) it would be included within

fany : pretty right?

jessica : it’s cute right?

(Part3) video voiceover: speaking of cute, it would be the impression of the new song’s dance, mr taxi

mc : mr taxi’s about this ? *hand steering*

sunny: please do like holding the handle and bounce the body along

sunny: its the key point

sooyoung : there’s this move. *1 hand turning steering wheel* this is snsd’s hypnotizing move

mc : snsd hypnotizing move? *laugh* what’s that?

(Part4) (lol SY been reading alot of naruto or something? the studio folks broke out into laughter)

mc: what are the things they would like to eat in japan?

yuri : takoyaki at osaka’s doutonburi!

(doutonburi is a famous street in osaka with mesh of many restaurants and its near the river. there’s this shop famous for its large takoyaki)

mc: have you eaten takoyaki before?

yuri: of course, there’s also takoyaki in korea.

(Part5) mc: is there a place that you’ve been to that lingers in memory?

(sorry literal translation lol… i guess casually would be ‘how about somewhere you remember going to?’)

hyoyeon : disney sea

sooyoung : hokkaido .. i’ve been to hokkaido before

mc: ah privately

sooyoung : the ramen was super delicious. and also when at osaka …

jessica : me too at osaka~

sooyoung : in front of the osaka castle, there’s a beautiful river, i would like to take the boat along it with the members together

(Part6 end) everyone: want to go~

sooyoung : everyone let’s go~

seohyun: everyone, soon snsd’s first album will be released. we will work harder from now on so please cheer for us.

sooyoung: please come play at the tour too!


June 1st is quickly approaching, have you preordered your Japan 1st Album yet? It’s not too late!

Credit: rightnowsee@youtube