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[Update] The angry mob worked! 😛 SM Entertainment has confirmed a second concert on June 11th. However, ticket sales have been indefinitely postponed. 😦 We will update you when more information is available. -MintChoc

Okay, they may not have been angry, but what do you do when tickets to the concert you’ve been waiting your entire life for have sold out? You take to the streets à la:

French K-pop fans gathered en masse at the Louvre, on May 1st in an attempt to convince S.M. Entertainment to add a second date to their SM Town Live’11 in Paris concert. In front of the iconic Lourve Pyramid, the flash mob sung and danced their hearts out in order to make their voices heard, and with numerous Korean media outlets present, the news was quickly relayed back to S.M. Entertainment who responded via a representative:

The request came not only from French fans but also Kpop fans from within Europe. Before we decide to add another concert, we will have to check a lot of things such as the artistes’ schedules, hotel and flight arrangements as well as concert equipments. Nevertheless, we will look into all possibilities.

Nice one French/Euro SONEs, you guys totally deserve a second concert! Hope you get it.

Oh and since I’m mentioning the Lourve, remember who was there last year?

Credit: fanwonder.com, OrientExtreme@youtube; picture as tagged. michaelroni@soshified, jreddevil07@soshified, news.donga.com, kome_fr@twitter

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean