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Q: What do owls and an SBS’ Inkigayo audience have in common?

A: They both say hoot!

Okay sorry for the lame joke. But I wasn’t kidding about the Inkigayo audience! On April 24th, a special episode of SBS’ Inkigayo, aptly named ‘Wonderful Jeju Super Concert’, took place in the Halla Gymnasium on Jeju Island. The concert featured several special stages, one of which was a surprise stage by SNSD where fans were treated to last year’s hit ‘Hoot’. Check out their spectacular performance below!

Due to massive amounts of schoolwork I was awake at the time this aired so I caught it live. I could have cried I was just so happy to see Soshi on stage again!! Here’s to the day they officially return to promotions

source: taengfan@fanwonder, crazycarrot370@youtube

written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean