Vita500 keeps em’ coming!

5 thoughts on “4”

  1. dominiccah said:

    haha i love her signature xD

  2. Migz13 said:

    Is it just me.. or is Tiff showing cleavage a lot more during these photoshoots lately?:D
    I’m not complaining though:P

  3. Terra/Terrez said:

    Fany Fany Tiffany… That quote has a distinctive ring to it which puts a rather small smile on my face whenever I hear it or glance at a picture of her.

  4. hhhsnsd said:

    whats wrong with there legs in these pictures???

  5. disan said:

    tiffany you are so sweet I look at snsd snsd want to meet you when coming to Indonesia, as viewed in Indonesia many snsd fans even more manic, so wait for the arrival of snsd Indonesia

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