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Major props to the team over at SOSHIFIED for translating the recent SNSD articles and in their own unique way!

Not only were the text from the articles translated, but also superimposed back into the articles themselves, making them appear to have been written in English originally… Very cool!

Check them out after the jump:

Additional translations from Elle:

What is your remedy when you develop skin problems?

Sunny: I tend to have severe reactions to make-up, so while resting it’s fine but I develop problems while working. Nowadays I am using Dior’s D-NA White Reveal Night Creme and I think it works for me.

Hyoyeon: Usually, not touching a problem area with your hands means it will recover, but I always end up touching it so it gets worse.

Which member has the most interest in cosmetics?

(Unanimous): Taeyeon unnie! She really has a lot of cosmetics products. She is really interested and likes applying them and is good at doing so.

Which member has the most interest in fashion?

Jessica: I have a keen interest in clothes. I like shopping, too. Tiffany, Sooyoung, and I talk a lot about fashion and we think alike.

Sooyoung: I like Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang the most. Although right now, I like Tsumori Chisato as well.

Tiffany: D&G’s current collection and Blumarine’s animal prints are pretty. I always read magazines and I always check fashion apps. Ahh, I want to go and see a collection!

Sooyoung: Me too! I really want to attend the New York Fashion Week. It opens next week, right? If I didn’t become a singer, I would probably be working in the fashion industry.

What would be your secret weapon in terms of beauty tips?

Sooyoung: I like oils. You can use it with bath salts, it’s enjoyable to just apply on skin and you can put apply it from head to toe. I sometimes use products from a brand Yoona models (Innisfree). I received a Burt’s Bees oil as a gift and I’m going to start using it.

Tiffany: I have eyes that don’t normally form double eyelids. But when I use eyelash curlers, they appear. That’s why I always have eyelash curlers.

Thanks to Soshified for their efforts, keep up the good work!

Credits: oniontaker@soshified (translations), soy@soshified