Right now it’s Elle Generation!

13 thoughts on “elle3”

  1. SNSDJeTi♥ said:

    Rep lip stick! D;

  2. Hyo’s very pretty in here.

  3. tkcube said:

    Jessica simply gorgeous in tis pic!

  4. Lazarus said:

    uh…. Man Yul? LOLLLL

  5. Taengoo said:

    oh my gosh what have they done to our fany and sooyoung?!

  6. gkirk said:

    Soo Young’s natural beauty out shines them all. Even with the awful hairstyle and makeup!

  7. Kenneth said:

    Our “beautiful girls” have grown up into “beautiful ladies” ;). GORGEOUS 😀 😀 😀 !!!!

  8. cathy j. said:

    jessica and hyoyeon are so pretty here:)

  9. mumut said:

    mm…they look old in here

  10. marimar said:

    sica look super gorjesss here..

  11. SunnyBigFans said:

    even though i’m big fans of Sunny, but her make up and hairstyle looks like something wrong and Hyoyeon really gorgeous in this picture.

    I think red lipstick not match for our lovely Sunny, Sooyoung and Tiffany. Really weird for them, right?

    However Soshi Jjang!! Sohii Daebak!!! I really Love Them!!! ❤

  12. jessi123 said:

    gorgeous! 🙂

  13. P-Nut099 said:

    They look… so 60s, but I love it!!!! I love the Generation. Well, though it’s girls or women, I love it!!!! 😀 I’m SONE, ain’t I?

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