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…Because everybody wants to be a SONE these days!

Singers, songwriters, actors/actresses (both Korean and international), the Korean army, sporting superstars, and even a film director! And why not? The girl’s are a HOT ITEM! (did I emphasize that enough?)

Japanese filmmaker Shusuke Kaneko, the director of the “Death Note” films (based on the massively popular manga/anime series), recently tweeted about his love for SNSD.

Although I’m saying this while I’m drunk, SNSD is the best idol group in the past 50 years (among singers).

Also, in an earlier tweet, after watching the “Visual Dreams PV”, he stated:

I managed to watch the full version PV for SNSD’s new song ‘Visual Dream’. It’s advanced. Aren’t they going to release a Japanese version PV for ‘Run Devil Run’?

It appears that Mr. Kaneko has been a SONE for a while now, as he commented on his photoblog after SNSD’s Tokyo showcase last year:

I was stunned by SNSD’s stage performance. They were overflowing with charm on stage.

At 55 years of age, the man is a true samchon fan, even using a picture of the girls in Hanbok as his profile picture on Twitter.

Japanese Football players Shinji Kagawa (Borussia Dortmund) and Yuto Nagatomo (Cesena), who are currently playing for their national team, Samurai Blue in the Asia Cup, are also said to be fans of SNSD. Both men were captured by fellow teammate Yosuke Kashiwagi (Urawa Red Diamonds), in their Qatar hotel suites watching SNSD videos.

Finally, popular French pop singer Shy’m confessed that she is loving “Gee”, after discovering SNSD in Japan. She posted on her Facebook:

My 1st musical crush in Japan : the group “Generation gee” * (they are so cute)

Yes, they are Korean, but I discovered them in Japan !! And the title of the song is “Gee” !! they are so adorable ♥


I can’t find “Gee” on I-tunes !!??!! Need some help guys ?????

Thanks to everyone for giving me links to find “Gee” !!

It’s great to see that the girl’s are garnering the attention of not only international fans, but of celebrities and athletes as well. Next up? World politicians!

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Credit: fanwonder.com, Talesy@soompi, http://iheart-sj.deviantart.com/ (title picture)

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean