“Name please?”

“…Jong Bosuk”

“Oh cool, come here and join the S♥NEs queue~”

You’re not alone Jong, because you’re not the only S♥NE out there.

Jong Bosuk, Korean actor known for his role as Li Kaigu in the KBS1 historical drama Dae Joyoung, has confessed that he “like[s] SNSD” and is “[their] samchon (uncle) fan” on December 17th during his appearance on ‘Star Salon’ (section from SBS comedy show ‘Good Time 230’). He then tried to prove this by guessing the names of all nine girls.

This ep of ‘Star Salon’ will be shown on December 25th at 12.10am KST.

Cr: Fanwonder .com

— Annabananaz @snsdkorean