Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who ‘auditioned’ for snsdkorean, as we’ve received a much larger volume of responses than we had expected!

Here’s the rundown on the status of various positions:

There was lots of interest in the writer positions, and thus, this was a very competitive category. We have narrowed down the list of writers to 1/3 of the submissions received. These individuals have been contacted via e-mail for additional instructions and will be further evaluated. Unfortunately, if you did not receive an e-mail and applied for a writing position, this means you did not make it into the cut. However, our auditions will always be open for future opportunities, and we encourage candidates to apply again when they feel that their skills may have notably improved.

If you applied to do graphics/videos, we have likely e-mailed to request examples of previous work. (if you did not link to a website or anything when applying)

If you applied for any other position, we’re looking at ways that your skills may be used in the blog and will contact depending on what we come up with. 🙂

Thank you again for your interest in SK Entertainment, and best of luck on finals!

Hello,Thank you for your application to join the snsdkorean family! After reviewing by far the largest number of applications we’ve received for a single hiring period, we’ve got good news, good news, and bad news.

The first piece of good news: You got an e-mail from us! This means you’ve made it through the first round of applications, which is approximately 1/3 of the submissions received. Yay!

The second piece of good news: You get to write because you love writing for us.. write? (The lameness begins already).. but these will be written pieces purely for judgement purposes, and not posts for the blog (yet).

The bad news: Unfortunately, we can’t hire everyone that has received this e-mail, despite the writing capabilities of those that have made it this far. Which brings us to a related note – the competition will be extremely tight because as mentioned, you are already amongst the top third of those that have applied. Give it nothing less than your best work.

So now that we’ve gotten to know a bit about each of you, it’s time to see what you can do!

Instructions: Write two posts as if you were writing for the blog:

One post regarding SNSD and Japan. As an example, you can write it from the point of view of when we just heard rumors about soshi going to Japan, and what it could mean. It could be also be about the records they’ve broken, their popularity, their leg power, whatever. As long as it’s got SNSD and Japan, you can do ANYTHING (ex. http://bit.ly/eC3dZh). You don’t have to do something such as the linked example, but make it fun to read, even if it’s just basic news.

One ANYTHING post. Anything. Analysis, birthday, event, news, update, rumor, random, fan account, etc. This is still a test of your writing capabilities, so pick wisely (no picspam unless there’s enough relevant text that goes with it to be judged upon)

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, then you should be familiar with the way we write posts. We don’t enforce or conform our writers to a particular style and allow them to write freely, but there are extremes that we don’t touch. No hateful remarks or anything purposely controversial. Be creative, interesting, emotional, or whatever else you want. This is where you display your skills in full, so make it count! Cite your sources if you’re doing previous news, but no Allkpop articles. Don’t worry about citation formats, but include a reference of some sort if necessary. You can just say [picture] or in place of actually using them, but please include links if it’s important to the context of the article itself.

If you have any secondary skills such as video editting, photoshop, etc. that you mentioned in your application, you may link us to examples of your work and show it off here as well for fun. (It doesn’t have to be strictly relevant skill, ie. photography).

All applicants will be judged primarily based on their writing. We do not know if a further process will be necessary to determine our final decisions, nor have we set a number on how many we’ll be hiring.

All applications are due Wednesday December 15th at 9:00AM Korean Standard Time. (Please note this is sometime Tuesday evening in America). If we receive all applications prior to that time, we will likely respond sooner, but understand that it is exam season.

Best of luck.