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After their comebacks on Music Core and Music Bank, SNSD will very soon be going on to perform lead track “Hoot” and the song Yul wrote the lyrics to; “Mistake” on Inkigayo. Who wants a sneak peak? Keep reading for some fan accounts of the recording.

Above is the stage for the “Mistake” recording, while below is what I’ll logically assume to be the “Hoot” stage.

Here are some additional fanaccounts of the recording, chock-full of dorky soshi goodness.

[Translated] Fanacct of Hoot recordings. About 400 sones came because there’s a mini fanmeeting after inki…The recordings for hoot has ended. They wore a silver colour outfit with a grey colour waistbelt.(space suit) The girls were feeling good and kept waving to us. The Hoot stage for today is different from mubank and mucore. The nine of them hid behind the “G” boards (there were 3 “G” boards) so when the music was on,soshi members came out from the boards. After the first recording ended, the nine of them discussed about the opening. Yoong, sooyoung and sica played among themselves and laughed like nobody business. kkk, they were feeling good~ They sang twice for the second recording and after that they stayed on the stage again to continue their discussion. The fans screamed when yoong practiced her hoot poses. The fans screamed even more louder when she turned and looked at the fans. Yoong immediately turned around and looked at her unnies with a shy/embarrassed face.Kwon yul waved and greeted the fans…it seems like she’s feeling good today. When they were discussing, yoonyul was stading in the middle but there was a small gap in between…yoong seems like she wanted to tell something to yul so she turned and looked at her. But yuri was busy waving at the fans so she didnt noticed that yoong was looking at her. Yoong looked a bit disappointed so she turned and looked at the others~
The fourth recording was supposed to be the last recording but the staff suddenly said that there’s a problem with tae’s high notes…probably because the camera didnt recorded it. Tae was looking kinda sad while listening to the staff explaining. She blamed herself that because of her, they had to record the whole song again. so they recorded the last part of the song again. When the whole recording ended, the nine of them kept waving at us, kwon yul is really feeling very high…sica gave us a flying heart from the backstage~


[Translated] Fanacct of the hoot recordings. Yoonyul, manager hwang and sica being crazy. Today they wore the space suit outfit and the stage is the beautiful. The kids recorded for 4 and the half times for hoot. The kids were discussing about the opening, and fany manager asked yoong and sooyoung to listen attentively cos the both of them were playing among themselves. XDDD. After the third recording, sica asked sooyoung to knock her head then after that she went to find yoontae and asked them to slap her face. Then Tae pretended to slap her. It seems like yoong’s hand was kinda pain so she went to find her unnies but they ignored her. Yuri ignored her after she grabbed yoong’s hand and looked at it. So yoong went to look for cody unnie and manager oppa. XDDD


Unfortunately, it seems SNSD won’t be performing the full version of “Mistake” T^T, but personally I think Inkigayo has the best sound system and camerawork so hopefully that will make up for it?

Totally looking forward to Inkigayo!

translation credits; _shikshin @ twitter
source; bestiz, iwanttodreamwithyouforever @ soompi
article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean