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Updated with part 2 of the detailed fan account at the end.

In another 30 minutes or so at 5PM KST,our girls would be having their 1st fanmeeting with their official S♥NE fanclub at the Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium.
As usual,people are already there waiting to get in. Let’s take a look at the venue and the crowd under the cut.

Here’s the best looking entry ticket ever.

For those curious peeps,here’s how the seating arrangement & the interior of the venue looks like.

Words has it that our girls would be releasing a new song composed by themselves specially for the fans. Take it as a rumor for now as there’s no solid evidence.
Stay tuned as we bring to you the latest updates from this event!

Update #1 – According to fellow SONEs,the girls’ parents are at the event.

Update #2 :

Official balloon

Official lightstick

Venue interior

Venue interior #2

Update #3 – It seems like famous comedian,Kim Shinyoung,who is in close relationship with our girls,is the emcee for the event.

Update #4 – Taeyeon mentioned she would like to duet with Justin Bieber,Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & ZE:A‘s main vocalist,Dongjun.

Update #5 – The girls performed ‘Oh!‘ after the opening video.

Update #6 – Yuri shoots a big heart at the audience.

Update #7 – Supporter staffs were thanked with a plaque.

Update #8 – The girls performed Into The New World(Piano Version),Genie,ggok(Yuri & Sooyoung‘s drama OST),DJ DOCI’m Like This

Update #9 – In courtesy of silis7noy2,more details of the event as followed.

Tight security, don’t know about fancams but at least fans got audio recordings of the songs and more.

The fan song was false rumor.

Members wrote rolling papers for each other, it was done anonymously but Seohyun was revealed

Fany: “Sones are our Genie”

Birthday party for Hyoyeon

Shinyoung unnie makes fart jokes and Taengoo keeps cracking up

Dorm in Japan with same roommates. Tiffany and Dandyu same room

ITNW ballad version with Seohyun on piano

Very kkab version of I’m Like This

What worries Yoona
1. Too much kkab
2. Health
3. Japanese

Other artists’ Songs Sunny want
1. Um Junghwa – INvitation
2. f(x) – Nu ABO (Yoona Hyoyeon does short kkab cover?)
3. IU – Marshmallow

Sang Forever at the end

Why Yuri is not doing kkab
1. Too many grave pics (The members are using Yuri’s grave pics as bookmarks, and bookmarks for Bible keke)
2. Too much kkab makes it less fun
3. Other members with bigger kkabs

Sooyoung – why my legs are long
1. It’s not that long just that other members’ are short
2. Long legs is my role in SNSD
3. Blessed genes

Hyoyeon – Why my Korean don’t seem perfect
1. I’m hasty
2. Foreign student concept
3. Lots of things on my mind

Jessica – why I do the 8-walk
1. because my 8-walk is adorable
2. I did ballet for 6 years
3. because I walk without straining
(* 8-walk is when you walk with your feet open like this \/ This kind of walk is done by someone like ‘a boss who has no fear, checking things out in the neighborhood’ It’s called 8 walk because \/ looks like Chinese character for number 8)

Seohyun – Why I think I am now older
1. It’s been 3 years since debut. And more than 3 years with Sone. It must be so hard for you to support us. Thank you~
2. When unnies are having wine they don’t leave me out anymore
3. I feel old when I look at students in uniform that I can’t wear

Tiffany – members who are ogeul ogeul
1. Yuri – Even if I don’t tell other members can tell about it
2. Taeyeon – She always emphasizes subtly yet clearly on the 9 being together
3. Yoona – Too often she says I love you in that weird voice (unnie~)
* Yuri examples:
When members are chatting Yuri suddenly says “You guys are too lovable to me~ You want me to be there with some rice cakes?”
Yuri after WGM last Saturday: “Unnie made Kimchee pancakes while watching you on the show~” and takes pic of the kimchee pancakes and sends it to Seohyun

At the dorm in Japan Taengoo was sleeping and moonlight shone through a gap in the curtain. Tiffany was able to see Taengoo’s sleeping face and Taeyeon was sleeping with her eyes little open, Tiffany said she hasn’t seen that in a long time keke

The Totoro doll is Fany’s most favorite doll.
The members teased that they are going to pull out Totoro’s mustache and kidnap Totoro and send Fany the kidnapped pic and threaten her to bring $2000 ransom kekek
Fany was taking Totoro to the Japan dorm for now so the members won’t bully Totoro kekeke
Fany said Totoro was her hope when she was little~

Hyoyeon was touched that she was able to be with the fans for the birthday party for the first time and wanted to be with Sone forever and she teared up a little, saying she had been holding it in all night.

Yoona wrote on the rolling paper for Hyoyeon: “Stop punching me dude!”, and all night Kim Shinyoung was saying “dude! dude!”

Update #10 – According to kimbilly, today’s fanmeeting was 2 and a half hours of non-stop, raw variety show w Kim Shinyoung.

Update #11

they say this is what the SNSD members wrote to Seohyun during the fanmeeting today.

no 3. i also like yonghwa. if it’s yonghwa,feels like it’s okay to give you away now…everyday i…really sorry…but,you have to know that my love for you is really really really huge…and also,recently you’ve become more and more beautiful

no 4. you’ve changed.recently you stopped playing with your sisters and keep filming <<WGM>>.how’s school?

no 5. maknae ah, it’s good being married.japan on certain day certain evening…zzang…you really look different now…sarang hae (jessica)

no 7. hyun ah…blah…blah(sorry don’t understand this part :sweatingbullets: )do you like yong?if yes say it…sister will help you.

no 8. hyun ah…maintain your skin…don’t lose to 智英(dunno who this is) and sulli – i read some comments and apparently both of them were guests in HaHAMong together with yonghwa

cr; bestiz, sunbaenim@soompi


The ballad version of the epic debut song, Into the New World… with maknae Seohyun playing the piano. I love this ballad version, made me all teary… ;~; SM should just release the studio version of this! -crazy51

The SNSD kkab version of DJ DOC’s I’m a Person Like This . The girls totally went wild during this one! XD They’re totally having fun performing this song. I need video of this performance!

This is audio clip of Ggok (original soundtrack of drama Working Mom, which Sooyoung and Yuri sang). I love this trot song~ I’m glad that Sooyoung and Yuri get to perform this nice song again, especially this time the other girls joined the original duo too! :]

SNSD hit songs which taken Korea by storm in 2009 (and now in their way to hit Japan in 2010), Genie and Gee.

Another epic ballad, I Want to Dream with You (Forever). This was the closing song for the fan-meeting, the touching song that express the girls’ feeling towards their fans~ ❤

Here’s a download link for the full 1st fan meeting audio clip: 1st fan-meet full audio clip. (cr: jamiluvsosi@twitter)

Bonus pic for all of you who are still taken aback by Taeyeon’s wish to duet with Justin Bieber:



^THINK CAREFULLY.. no, look at the hints again. now. you’re welcome.


I read through this fan account posted by itnw0628@Twitter and i thought i should share with you guys since it’s pretty interesting.
It’s a pretty long one,so yeah prepare a cup of coffee or something.

Beware before you read this fan account!

-My English is not so great. I’ll try my best but there is a possibility of miss-translation.
-This is based on my imperfect memory, basically. However, this time the show was long and girls talked a lot. So to refresh my memory and give readers more accurate picture, I refer to other sources a bit. Still, there can be wrong information.
-This is not a translation of other fan account. It is my original, and I’m writing down in English.
-I’ll put this via my twitter account, but if you like to put this somewhere else, I don’t mind. However, please make sure where the source is.
-It is VERY long. So I’ll put part I of my fan account first and II will be posted later on.

-Fan account for SNSD’s 1st official fan meeting on 10/09/26-

1. Before entrance

Fan meeting was held in Hwajung Gymnasium in Korea University. Seat was already decided by order of deposit, so there wasn’t any long line for getting finer seats this time.

With ticket, participants received special lightstick for fan meeting, Sone balloon, and some mini-sized posters.

2. First stage: Oh!

About 5:20 pm, lights were out and girls came out. They sang “Oh!”. Funny things were, Yuri changed her choreography to show love for Sones, and when Jess sang “tell me boy boy love it it it it it it it ah!” part, other girls pinched Jess so hard that Sica yelled at them “It hurts!” during the performance lol

3. MC introduction: Kim, Shin Young

After the stage, girls greeted to fans and introduced MC of the fan meeting. It was Kim, Shin Young, who probably knows all 9 girls better than any person outside girls themselves. Girls said they worried because she knows too much of them lol

4. Recognition of SM supporters’ hard work

First part of the fan meeting was giving citations to SM supporters who work hard for SNSD and Sones in various activities. They were all familiar faces for sones who have a lot of experiences at open broadcast stage or girls’ official birthday party, etc. Representative of supporters is resemble to famous Korean female comedian “Park Ji Sun”, so Kim Shin Young (from now on, I’ll call her KSY) made jokes about it lol

When KSY asked fans to give applaud to them first, it was a bit small. Tiffany asked fans to give bigger applaud, and fans did that. You know, Tiffany is always the one who ask fans to give more credits to the staffs. Such a nice girl. No exception this time.

5. Rank 1,2,3 with your own topic!

After citation, staffs arranged chairs for SNSD(seat order was like this: From left to right, KSY-Sunny-Hyo-Sooyoung-Taeng-Yuri-Seohyun-Jess-Yoona-Tiff) and the real fan meeting started. Fans chanted each member’s name too loud, so Sooyoung told fans “Everybody please promise each other to not chant members’ name when they speak cause if you do it, we can barely hear what members say.” God, Sooyoung was great as usual. She knows many fans want to hear what girls say, not what fans yell lol

First part was “Rank 1,2,3 with your own topic!”. Girls can choose whatever topic they like, and rank 1st~3rd on it. KSY selected the board randomly, and it doesn’t contain members’ name so that nobody knows who chooses which topic. (at least theoretically lol)

First topic was “male singers whom I want to sing together”. Taeyeon admitted right after the topic was exposed that it’s hers lol

KSY: OK, number 3 is…..Dongjun from Ze:A!

Sooyoung: Wow I didn’t know she really picked him!

KSY: Taeng, why?

Yuri: He is Taeng’s cuty boy.

Taeng: Don’t make the atmosphere awkward!

KSY: OK, tell me why you picked him.

Taeng: He always gives his all to anything.

Sooyoung: I don’t think it’s the only reason you picked him, Taeng….

Taeng: OK, I think he does workout pretty hard so that he has wide shoulders. (fans cried)

Taeng: And he sings well. He also has very passionate eyes.

KSY: OK, how about number 2? It’s….Kyunhyun from Super Junior!

Girls: No way, he already sang with Seohyun.

Hyoyeon: (to KSY) In SMtown concert, Seohyun sang with Kyuhyun.

KSY: Ha, I got it. So you envy her?

Taeng: Ah……yes. (laugh) Actually, it’s not like that. He has very soft voice. I like that kind of soft voice.

KSY: Good. Then, who is number 1? Sooyoung, can you give me a guess?

Sooyoung: Um, well…..

KSY: Don’t be absentminded! (fans laugh)

Sooyoung: I think she picked foreign singer this time.

KSY: OK, let’s find out. (It was Justin Bieber. Sooyoung high-fived with Taeyeon)

Sooyoung: Is he younger than you, Taeng?

Taeng: He was born in 1994. (fans cried)

Girls: You thief!!! (fans laugh)

Taeng: Why? He has great voice.

KSY: Is it the only reason you like to sing with him?

Taeng: Um, and he has styles. (laugh)

Sooyoung: If you meet him, can you talk to him?

Taeng: Yes, through my eyes! (laugh) It’s so strange to see many youngsters sing so well.

Yuri: Hey, you’re young, too!

KSY: Taeng, you speak like you’re 1978-born person. (fans laugh)

Second topic was “my prominent concerns recently”.

KSY: Well, let’s see what number 3 is. Um, it says “Singing & Japanese”. Who is it?

Yoona: It’s me!

KSY: Why did you pick those two?

Yoona: Um, singing is always my concern, and….

Yuri: Why? Your solo song was released recently, wasn’t it? (fans laugh)

Tiff: I was very impressed when I listen to the song. Her vocal has improved a lot.

KSY: Then, what about Japanese?

Yoona: You know, we started Japan promotion recently. Being not good at Japanese makes me feel a bit frustrating, so I thought of studying it but I couldn’t.

KSY: Hopefully you can. Let’s see number 2! Ah, it’s “health”. I think you’re too young to worry about your health. And you take some kind of herb medicine, don’t you?

Yoona: Yes, I do.

Taeng: She takes a sort of pill, which includes enriched nutrients.

Yoona: I do, but I don’t take it regularly so it doesn’t work.

Hyo: When she takes it, we are in trouble because of the smell! (fans laugh)

Tiffany: It’s too distressful, especially for me.

KSY: I understand. How about number 1? It says “excessive vigorousness”! She wrote “It is called kkap” in brackets.

Taeng: Why? It’s good!

KSY: Yeah, I think so.

Taeng: But, it would be better if she suppresses a liiiiitle bit. A liiiiiiitle. (fans laugh)

Yoona: Yeah, I’m getting too vigorous so that sometimes I even forget they are my unnies (laugh)

Sunny: Wait, wait. You really know it? (fans laugh)

Yoona: Of course I do! It (kkap) came out without realizing so it almost makes me surprised. Sometimes I think “Is it okay to act like this to unnies?” but I couldn’t say sorry to them because the situation already got out of hands. (laugh)

KSY: Yes, it’s very hard to go from kkap to apology. (girls laugh) So, how exactly is your kkap?

Yoona: Well, recently someone told me “Are you drunk?” cause my kkap was gone too far. I don’t know why I became like this. (laugh)

KSY: Haha. Who was the most frequent victim of Yoona’s kkap? (fans cried, and their favorite choice was Tiffany lol)

Hyo: No, it’s not Tiffany. It’s me. Though normally Yoona didn’t do kkap to me, when she did to others, they say it’s because she hangs out with me too much. (fans laugh)

Yoona: I really think so!

Girls: Yeah, it is!

Yoona: My kkap is very similar to Hyoyeon’s.

KSY: Ah, is it?

Hyo: Well, it’s very cute and I like Yoona’s kkap. (fans laugh)

Third topic was “I want these songs to be mine!”

KSY: Whose is this?

Sunny: It’s mine. (and she made typical Sunkyu aegyo expression. Fans laugh.)

Taeng: Sunny is a natural born idol!

KSY: Ah, is she? Thank you for your profound words, ma’am. (fans laugh)

KSY: Ok, let’s see number 3. Marshmallow by IU!

Sooyoung: Wait wait. It means you want us to make you sing this song here, right? (fans cried)

KSY: Good point. (to fans) Wanna see it? (fans said “yeeees!”)

KSY: OK. Marshmallow by Sunny! (Sunny sang Marshmallow a bit, and fans cried)

Yoona: It seems this song is for IU, after all. (laugh)

KSY: Wait, it means you don’t consider it as kkap?

Yoona: No way. It’s rather cuteness.

KSY: Well, then how about your version of kkap? (fans cried)

Sooyoung: Do it with Hyoyeon!

KSY: Good. Yoona & Hyoyeon, please come out and show us your kkap!

(Yoona & Hyoyeon sang Marshmallow with vigorous dance performance lol everyone laugh)

Sunny: Wait. When Hyoyeon came back to the seat, Taeng pulled her pants! (fans laugh)

Taeng: (giggling) You’re being too picky! (laugh)

KSY: Now I can understand why they made Yoona & Hyoyeon sit far from each other.
(fans laugh and Yoong & Hyo point their fingers to each other)

KSY: OK. So what’s number 2? NU ABO! (fans cried)

Tiff: It’s the one we always listen when we’re at the car, and every single member love to have this song ours. (fans cried)

KSY: I see. Sunny, why do you want this song?

Sunny: Well, they(fx) did very well of course, but I think I can make it a little bit better. (fans cried)

KSY: Haha. If you can be cuter than f(x), then go ahead!

Sunny: (giggling) As a point of visual performance, it was perfect. What I want to improve is a sound part. (laugh)

KSY: Let’s see, then!

(Sunny sang NU ABO with her cute voice. Remember the intro of SJ’s “Cooking? Cooking!”? Her voice was just like that!)

Sooyoung: Now I see why our company gave the song to f(x), not us! (laugh)

KSY: Yeah, I guess so. How about number 1? What? “Invitation” by Um Jung Hwa? (fans cried)

Girls: Now Sunny shows her real self. It suits her best. (laugh)

KSY: Invitation? You really mean Invitation? I’m speechless. Why?

Sunny: Well, other 2 songs might suit well to the image which fans think of me, and this one suits well to the image that I think of myself.

Hyo: Yes, it fits well to the image which we think of her. (laugh)

Sunny: Yes, especially at home. (fans cried)

Sooyoung: Well, then are you going to show us with the proper costume? (fans cried)

Sunny: No, you’ve gone too far! (laugh)

KSY: OK, so your image at home is more like Invitation. Let’s see how it is.

(Sunny sang “Invitation” with dance, and fans laugh)

Yuri: I think you can go to Gag Concert with that step right now. (laugh)

Sunny: Why can’t I be sexy?

KSY: Yes, you’re sexy. She was sexy, wasn’t she? (fans said “yes!”)

KSY: OK. Let’s assume she was and wrap it up. (fans laugh) Well, someday you’ll have a chance to sing a song like that.

Sunny: I hope SNSD will.

KSY: Yes, especially Sunny, she has a nice body. (fans laugh)

Hyo: Yes, she does, but her height failed her. (fans laugh)

KSY: (giggling) Hyoyeon, you’re good. You’re more like “yeneung-dol” (entertainment idol)

Fourth topic was “Do not make fun of me anymore-Reason I walk splay-footed.” As soon as KSY read this, fans started to laugh. Virtually everyone knows who that is lol

KSY: Who is this? (fans yelled “Jessica!”)

KSY: Well, Jess. Do you walk splay-footed?

Jess: No, I fixed it. (fans yelled “no way~” lol)

Jess: If I said so, you gotta believe me! (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, let’s see number 3. “Because I got tired of walking, so I walked relaxed.” (fans yelled “no way!”)

Tiff: She misspelled the word.

Sunny: Wow, Tiffany points out misspelled word?

Jess: I know the correct one. (and she explained the correct spelling to KSY)

KSY: What, then you wrote like this because you got tired of it? (fans laugh)

Jess: Yes.

KSY: I see. So you walk like that because you got tired of walking?

Jess: Yes. You can try to walk relaxed, and you will understand.

KSY: Really? Sooyoung, come out and show your relaxed walking.

(Sooyoung came out and walked awkwardly. Fans laughed.)

KSY: So, what’s number 2? It’s “Because I did ballet for 6 years.” (fans cried)

Sooyoung: What? You did ballet for 6 years and still you’re that stiff? (fans laugh)

Jess: Wait wait. I did ballet until I came to Korea. And I quit it here because I didn’t have time to do it. (fans yelled “Show us! Show us!”)

Girls: How about stretching?

Jess: I can’t do it because my body is stiff now. Though I played a role in “Nutcracker” when I was a kid. (fans cried)

KSY: Can you show us a bit?

Jess: Argh, should I?

KSY: Don’t worry, you can do it.

Jess: Well, what exactly should I do?

KSY: Any ballet movement, like this. (KSY showed turning move when you can see frequently at ballet. Jess did the same thing and greeted to fans. Fans cried.)

Jess: Well, I actually did much harder thing. Like jumping after I made a turning move. I was almost flying. (fans cried)

KSY: Then show us how you fly!

(Jess showed some jumping move, but it was far from flying lol)

KSY: Is that it?

Jess: Yes, it is!

KSY: (giggling) I see. So since the day you did ballet, you started to walk like that.

Sunny: I guess only things Jess got from her ballet experience are splay-footed walking and cramp. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK. Let’s see number 1. “Because my splay-footed waking is adorable.” (fans yelled)

Jess: See, see. I know. I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anything to put at number 1.

KSY: Well, other members just showed how I should do. When they heard this, they said “Next, next!” (laugh)

Jess: Hey, how about you guys’ topic! (laugh)

KSY: Haha, Jess lost her temper. Um, she said because it’s adorable….(at this time, Sunny threw away the board of Sica’s topic lol)

Jess: Hey, Sunny!

KSY: Ah, well throw it away. (fans laugh)

Fifth topic was “Reason my legs are long”. It’s not hard to find who this is, right? Lol

Sunny: What are you all doing??

KSY: “Reason my legs are long.” OK, throw it away, too. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK. Let’s see whose this is. (to fans) Any guess? (fans yelled “Sooyoung!”)

KSY: Sooyoung. What’s number 3? Ah, “blessed gene”! So, do your parents all have long legs?

Sooyoung: Ah, my father does.

Sunny: Hey, your mother is here and you said it’s because of your father? (fans laugh)

KSY: (to Sooyoung’s mom) I’m sorry mom. OK, let’s see number 2! “Only thing I can give to SNSD was my long legs”. Please explain.

Sooyoung: Well, because our members are all outstanding. They can sing well, dance well, look pretty, sexy, innocent, lively, cute…they have everything but long legs. That’s why I positioned myself to it. (laugh)

KSY: Usually idol star says “I have a nice body”, but you said “I have long legs” (laugh)

Sooyoung: Well, my body shape is not that good. I’m just long.

KSY: Yours are good enough. OK, let’s move to number 1. “My legs are not that long, it’s just other members’ are too short.” (fans cried, and other girls stood up)

KSY: Haha, see Taeng and Hyo cannot stand up. (fans laugh) This is a joke, isn’t it?

Sooyoung: No, I’m serious. (fans laugh)

KSY: You’re not targeting Sunny, aren’t you? (laugh)

Sooyoung: (giggling) No. I had chances to go to movie festivals and fashion shows, and I felt like I was in the forest. Lots of tall people there, so I thought “I’ve been too proud of myself. It’s not that I’m tall, it’s more with other girls are short.”

KSY: Taeng, Jess, Sunny, and Hyoyeon cannot laugh loudly. (fans laugh)

Yuri: Wait. Look at Tiffany. She sneaked into our(tall) side, and laughed very loudly. (fans laugh)

Tiffany: Well, I’m fifth. I’m in the middle. (and she laughed hard intentionally)

KSY: OK. Hope you guys become taller.

Sixth topic was “Reason I’m not good at Korean”. I thought it’s Tiffany’s at first, but I was wrong.

Taeng: Isn’t it Hyoyeon’s? (laugh) (some fans yelled Tiffany’s name)

Tiffany: It’s not mine.

Sooyoung: Tiffany is better at Korean than Hyoyeon. (fans laugh)

Tiffany: I’m good.

KSY: Well, Hyoyeon. Is it yours? (Hyoyeon cleared her voice and didn’t answer. Fans laugh)

KSY: I see. Let’s see number 3. “Because I am a big thinker.” (fans laugh)

KSY: Well, I heard what Taeng said when I opened this. She said “What? Does Hyoyeon ever think?” (laugh)

Taeng: No, I didn’t. (laugh) I thought it was for Hyoyeon, and she really thinks a lot in usual. When she thinks, she cannot see other things. She has great concentration.

Hyo: I have plenty of thinking in my mind, but it is not arranged well so it cannot come out.

KSY: Ah, so this topic is yours after all, right? (fans laugh and Hyoyeon nodded)

KSY: Haha, I guess so. How about number 2? “Foreign student concept?” (actually, Hyo wrote in a strange style so KSY couldn’t understand what that is at first.) So, you want to look like a foreign student?

Hyo: Yes, I do.

Girls: She studied abroad in China.

KSY: Ah, she did?

Hyo: Well, I did and I tried to be shown like that but it didn’t pan out well. (laugh)

KSY: I see. Let’s move to number 1. “Because I have short temper.”

Girls: Yeah, that one is spot on.

Yuri: (giggling) Today, when we came out, there was a market which sells stuffs like necessaries, etc. So I asked members “What do we call that kind of market normally?” and Hyoyeon quickly said “Jabahoi.” (it’s Korean) You know, it is “Bajahoi” but she reversed the order of a word. (laugh) I thought she made a joke, but she did not.

Sooyoung: Well, when Hyo said “Jabahoi”, Taeng quickly said “Ah, you’re right.” (fans laugh)

Hyo: When I heard something I know, I always try to speak quickly. That’s why I made that kind of mistakes.

KSY: You really have short temper. But if you sort it out, you can make it a good MC. Hopefully you can be better at Korean soon.

Seventh topic was “When I feel being old”. Guess who wrote it? Without a second, I could figure it out lol

KSY: What’s this? “When I feel being old”? Ah, well here comes the elder. (fans laugh) Give me a guess. (fans yelled “Seohyun!”)

KSY: OK, let’s go to number 3 first. “After I became 20 years old, when I saw students who wear school uniforms, I was shocked that I cannot wear it anymore.” (it was really a long piece lol)

Yuri: (to Seohyun) You wrote that long?

KSY: Well, Seohyun?

Seohyun: (tried to speak but her mike was off, so she borrowed Yuri’s and said) My mike is off.

KSY: So, when you see students with school uniforms and thought they’re all younger than you, you feel like being an old woman?

Seohyun: Yes, I was shocked.

KSY: Like, can’t stand the reality?

Seohyun: Yes, a bit. When I was in the car and saw students with school uniforms, I thought now I am too old to wear school uniform, which means all the students out there are younger than me. I couldn’t get the reality at first.

KSY: Well, it seems you’re too old. (sigh) (fans laugh) Let’s move to number 2. “When unnies drink, they don’t make me an exception anymore.” (fans cried)

Seohyun: Please, unnies (laugh)

KSY: So you guys don’t let her go when you drink?

Yuri: No way! (laugh)

Hyo: Well, she always ran away when she had to drink. (laugh)

Jess: Hey girls, we have parents here. We need to be more cautious. (laugh)

KSY: Ah, is your mother here, Seohyun?

Seohyun: Yes.

KSY: (to Seohyun’s mom) It’s just a joke, mom. (laugh) She doesn’t drink a lot.

Seohyun: (Seriously) Well, it’s true! I really didn’t drink much. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, let’s find out what number 1 is. “3 years have already gone by since we debut. Sones, who have spent time with us together got 3 years older, too.” (fans cried)

Sooyoung: Well, Maknae is the one who cares sones.

Seohyun: We’re getting older together. It’s a happy thing. We’re sharing time together.

KSY: She wrote “I know it’s hard for you to support us. Thank you.” to Sones. (fans cried) Well, though she is the youngest, it seems she got matured fastest.

Eighth topic was “Reason I can’t do kkap recently”. No doubt it’s Yuri’s lol

KSY: When you say kkap, you can’t help but thinking this member. Yulkkap!

Girls: No, it’s Kkapyul!

KSY: Ah, sorry about that. Kkapyul!

Yuri: Well, Yulkkap is kind of new. I like it. (laugh)

KSY: It’s similar to “Jabahoi”. (laugh) Let’s see number 3. “There are many people who do kkap better than me.” (fans cried)

Yuri: Recently, many newcomers have arrived in the field of kkap. (laugh) They are so funny, and I’m getting used to watching and enjoying them doing kkap.

KSY: So you’re being upgraded. Now you’re watching kkap! (laugh) OK, let’s move to number 2. “If I do kkap too frequently, it’ll get boring.” (fans cried)

KSY: Actually, I agree with it.

Yuri: I want to keep it.

KSY: So do you want to keep kkaps for good?

Yuri: Yes

KSY: Good. How about today then? Are you going to show us?

Yuri: Of course, I’ll show you the real one today. (fans cried)

KSY: Well, expect her to show her kkap at the stage. Let’s move to number 1. “There are too many disastrous photos out there because of my kkap” (fans laugh)

Yuri: This is the real reason.

Sooyoung: Well, but it gives us a lot of fun. I wanna put those photos on the wall of my room. (fans laugh)

Tiff: When you come to our dorm, you can see there are many photos on the fridge. I put them on. Usually there are photos with couple members on it, but there is a lone exception, and it’s Yuri’s that photo. (laugh) (You guys probably know which photo it is. It is perhaps the most famous Yuri photo in a not so pretty way.)

Girls: We all love that photo!

Yuri: They put the photo inside the book like a bookmark! (sigh)

Tiff: I put it inside my bible. (laugh)

KSY: Well, are you going to show us that expression here? (fans cried)

Yuri: How can I do it here?

KSY: Just show us a bit. (to fans) Do not take picture!

Sooyoung: It’s only for the fans who came today.

(Yuri made an expression.)

Yuri: It’s a secret, right? You’re not supposed to put this on the web, ok?

KSY: (to fans) Can you keep the secret? (fans said “yes”)

KSY: Well, you guys might have nightmares tonight. (laugh)

Last topic was “Members who are cheesier than I am”.

KSY: Last member is Tiffany!

Tiff: Mine is not funny. I’m concerned.

KSY: It’s OK. Let’s see who is at number 3. It’s Yoona! According to Tiffany, Yoona says “I love you” with that wicked voice too frequently. (fans laugh) Ah, that Yoona voice! (at this time, Yoona turn her head to Tiff and tried to said something.)

Tiff: No, not anymore!

KSY: Consider it’s a last time, and allow her to do it.

Tiff: Well, today’s for fans so I think she’d better express her love to fans, and don’t do it again at home!

Yoona: Um, I already did this to Sones. Anybody heard it here? (fans yelled)

Tiff: Today is an important day, so do it again.

Yoona: (with wicked voice) I love you, Sones~ (fans cried) (Yoona turned her head to Tiff, and said) You, too unnie! (fans laugh)

Sooyoung: She actually has a new one. Say “Cutie Sones” to our fans, Yoona.

Tiff: I bet you’ll like it.

Yoona: (with wicked voice) “Cutie Sones!” (fans cried)

Tiff: She’s getting stranger because we’re staying at home a lot.

Yoona: See, I missed my note even at this stuff. (sigh) It should be like this. (and she said “Cutie Sones” once more, with prettier voice. Fans cried.)

KSY: OK, I see. Let’s move to number 2. It’s Taeyeon!

Tiff: (giggling) I misspelled it. I didn’t know it, but they said it’s wrong.

KSY: Ah, I see. She wrote “Taeyeon, who quietly cares for all 9 members a lot. Express your feeling this time!” (fans cried)

Tiff: Taeng lacks expression. She cannot show her feeling in front of many people, I hope she can.

KSY: OK, Taeng. Tell something what you couldn’t talk. (fans cried)

Taeng: Well, I did say a lot to them recently!

KSY: Then, tell Sones something.

Taeng: (sigh)

KSY: Do it, please~

Taeng: Ah, it’s quite a burden. (sigh) What should I do? Well, I had something to say to our fans, and I already said it through interviews. I hope we don’t feel ashamed of each other. (fans cried) We’ll try harder for Sones, and I hope Sones can give us more support, too. (fans cried) Ah, I don’t know why but when I say something, it makes the atmosphere too serious.

KSY: It’s okay. (to fans) Isn’t Taeng great? (fans said “yes!”)

KSY: OK. Let’s find out the number 1. It’s Yuri. (actually, she wrote “Kuneo Yuri”, which became one of her nicknames)

Tiff: Last night, we had some on-line chats with each other. Suddenly, Yuri typed “You guys look so lovely to me.” (fans cried) She is so natural on that part, and I wanted to let everyone knows. Yuri, you are very cheesy! (fans laugh)

Seohyun: Yuri unnie monitors my program very hard. Couple days ago, there was an episode which shows “Kimchi Jeon” (Korean traditional food). Then she sent a text message to me, which said “I monitored your program, and made this Kimchi Jeon while thinking of you.” with picture. (fans cried) (to Yuri) Thank you. (laugh)

KSY: Are you guys dating? (laugh)

Yuri: I usually express my emotion well, and I feel thankful to members a lot of time. So when I want to say thank you to them, I consider today is the last day to do it, and it helps me express my feeling naturally.

Tiff: (to fans) You didn’t know it, did you?

KSY: Yuri has beautiful mind. When she filmed Invincible Youth with me, sometimes she knee-kicked my butt. (laugh)

6. Second Stage: Into the new world (piano arranged version) + 꼭(kkok)

When Tiffany said they’re gonna perform ITNW, I was thrilled. When she said they’re gonna sing a different version, I was more than thrilled. When she said it is arranged by Seohyun, and Seohyun started piano intro, I was out of my mind.

Personally, I prefer the original version. But you might not hear this piano version anywhere except at the fan meeting. That’s what makes it precious.

Also, there were some changes of the singing parts. See follows. (left is original, right is piano version)

전해주고 싶어 슬픈 시간이 다 흩어진 후에야 들리지만 (Taeng->Taeng)
눈을 감고 느껴봐 움직이는 마음 너를 향한 내 눈빛을 (Seohyun->Seohyun)
특별한 기적을 기다리지마 눈앞에선 우리의 거친 길은 (Jessica->Yoona)
알 수 없는 미래와 벽 바꾸지 않아 포기할 수 없어 (Yuri->Yuri)
변치않을 사랑으로 지켜줘 상처입은 내 마음까지 (Tiffany->Sooyoung)
시선 속에서 말은 필요없으 멈춰져버린 이 시간 (Sunny->Sunny)
사랑해 널 이 느낌 이대로 그려왔던 헤매임의 끝 (All->Jessica)
이 세상 속에서 반복되는 슬픔 이젠 안녕 (All->Hyoyeon)
수많은 알 수 없는 길 속에 희미한 빛을 난 쫓아가
언제까지라도 함께하는거야 다시 만난 나의 세계 (All->Tiffany)

(At this time, girls gathered around Seohyun who played the piano and sang)

이렇게 까만 밤 홀로 느끼는 (Seohyun->Seohyun)
그대의 부드러운 숨결이 (Jessica->Jessica)
이 순간 따스하게 감겨오는 모든 나의 떨림 전할래~(Taeyeon->Taeyeon)
사랑해 널 이 느낌 이대로 그려왔던 헤매임의 끝
이 세상 속에서 반복되는 슬픔 이젠 안녕
널 생각만해도 난 강해져 울지 않게 나를 도와줘
이 순간의 느낌 함께하는거야 다시 만난 우리의 (All->All)

Right after the song is finished, intro of 꼭(Sooyoung & Yuri’s duet song) came out and Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun, and Taeyeon came out with glittering suits on. This song is originally for 2 singers, but this time they divided the song to 5 parts so that 5 members could sing. During the performance, Yuri and Yoona made really interesting expression on their faces. I couldn’t stop laughing lol

7. First Intermission: Tokyo show case performance film

After the stages, girls were all gone to change their dresses, and performance film was on the screen. It was from Tokyo show case. It’s been just a month from then, but seems to me like a long long time ago.


Part II

8. Third Stage: I’m a person like this! (original song by DJ DOC)

After the intermission, girls came out with tracksuits and sunglasses on. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Tiffany wore red tracksuits. Jessica, Yoona, and Sunny wore purple ones. Taeyeon and Yuri wore blue ones, and Seohyun wore green one. I have no idea why Maknae didn’t wear blue one to make 3/3/3 lol

Performance was hilarious. They were all playing kkap roles, even not-so-kkap member like Maknae did lol I was also mildly surprised that Maknae did rapping! And, guess what? She was quite good at it! Hopefully, we can see this again during the 2nd ITNW tour someday soon.

9. Second Intermission: 1st year anniversary fan meeting in 2008 film

Girls had to change, so one more film was on the screen. It was from 1st year anniversary fan meeting in 2008. God, they were so young then! At that time, not only Maknae but also Yoong couldn’t drink because they were underage lol

Back then, it was hard to imagine SNSD can be this successful. Of course they were good, but right now SNSD is a mega star, not only in Korea but also in whole Asia. As a member of Sones, I felt so proud of them.

10. SNSD, talk about your members!

Girls came out with gorgeous dresses on. It was all white colors, and girls always look like a real angel when they put white dresses on. After the hilarious performance, they became like an angels. I’m talking about the versatility lol

KSY: (to fans) Did you enjoy the stage? (fans said “yes~”)

KSY: (giggling) You might not see SNSD sing DJ DOC’s song anywhere expect here today. (fans cried)

Tiff: I wanted that song. (laugh)

Yuri: (making innocent expression on her face and said) Did something happen here? (fans laugh)

KSY: So, did you guys prepare this stage only for fans who came here today, right?

Tiff: Of course!

Sooyoung: We thought about “Is there anything we can show our fans only?”, and decided to show them how SNSD usually play when they go to karaoke. (fans laugh) You cannot see it anywhere else but here.

Yuri: We put aside our SNSDness (laugh) You should keep it secret!

Tiff: We made up our minds to show this stage to Sones. But we didn’t know we have to be like this (wearing white dresses) right after the stage. (laugh)

KSY: Haha, you’re like angels now. It’s puzzling to me. (laugh)

Tiff: Yes, we’re people like this! (laugh)

KSY: OK. We’re really having fun now. Next part is….uh SNSD members wrote memory paper for each member. (In Korean, it’s called ‘rolling paper’) It is called “SNSD, talk about your members!” (fans cried)

KSY: Good. We have 9 pieces of paper here for each member. (at this time, Sunny helped KSY distributing papers) Ha, Sunny, she is really good. Come and join Invincible Youth team again! (fans cried)

(Girls tried to find their papers. They were calling each other and passed the papers.)

KSY: Hey girls, use respected form when you speak to each other! (laugh)

Sooyoung: (to Sunny) This one is for you-ma’am’s! (fans laugh) (She used a kind of on-line word as a joke against KSY’s comment. It’s hard to translate the exact word. It is like adding respected ending to normal word, but it is not really a respected from.)

KSY: Hello? (laugh)

KSY: OK, it seems everyone got the papers. Let’s start reading. Sunny!

Sunny: Um, I can see this one at first glance. “Keep your Sunkyu Unchanging~” (it’s parody of INTW lyric) Since writer couldn’t keep the proper beat on this, it seems Tiffany I guess? (fans laugh)

Tiffany: I know how to keep the beat! (fans laugh)

Sunny: Next one is, “Hey, you totally ignored my joke recently. Watch out! I’m a funny person! Anyway, save me! No, not my life, my joke!” (sigh) I’ve never met a person who is this bad at joke even with the writing! (fans laugh)

Tiffany: It’s just that you read it in a not-so-funny way! (fans laugh)

Sunny: Don’t start with me when you’re the one who’s done wrong! (laugh)

KSY: (looking at Sunny’s paper) How about this one?

Sunny: (giggling) “OK, I know you have nice body, but it’s embarrassing when I see you’re walking naked at home! And, don’t eat only what you like. Don’t eat meat so much, instead drink some milk! You can still grow up!” (fans laugh)

KSY: Don’t eat meat and drink some milk, and you can grow up, hmm….I feel as if it were my own affair. (laugh)

Sunny: Are we not going to disclose who wrote which?

KSY: Well, do it if you like. But usually we can notice easily.

Yuri: Um, I have no idea who wrote it.

Sunny: Since she said she has no idea, I think Yuri wrote it. (fans laugh)

KSY: How unsophisticated there girls are! (fans laugh)

KSY: Well, you can write some stuff you wanna say secretly to each other on this paper, right? How about this? “Sunny, you’re just like me! Don’t play video games too much, and violet color is mine!”

Sunny: Hey, Taeyeon! (fans laugh)

Sunny: Do we have to keep this in secret? We already know each other too well!

KSY: Yes, I guess so.

Sunny: Well, there is nothing special on my paper. It is like “Don’t walk around naked, don’t play video games too much, don’t eat meat too much”…..

KSY: What is this? “Don’t fancy yourself, you video game warrior!” (fans laugh) Sunny, you do like video games, don’t you?

Sunny: Um, I don’t know. It’s just that I’m so good at it. (fans cried)

Sooyoung: But she fancies herself too much!

KSY: Does she?

Sooyoung: Yes, she does!

KSY: Why?

Sunny: (couldn’t help laughing) Well, it’s not I fancy myself too much. The fact is, Sooyoung is such a horrible video gamer. (fans laugh)

KSY: Yes, I know what you’re talking about. (laugh)

Sooyoung: (giggling) Yes, I am very bad at playing video games. When you play Super Mario, there is a time you have to control the character to jump. Sunny is excellent at it. But I die consistently when I play it, and Sunny makes fun of me all the time when she sees it! (fans laugh)

KSY: How?

Sooyoung: She is like “Haha that’s why you’re not good at games! You’re horrible! You’re game-deaf!” (fans laugh)

Sunny: (giggling) At first, I cheered for her. And I gently gave her some good advices like “Hey, you have to get those mushrooms so that you can grow up.” (fans laugh) But you know what? I’ve never seen a person who tried to get mushrooms for 30 minutes! (fans laugh)

KSY: Wow, it’s stifling!

Sooyoung: (biting her lips and said) It’s because I like to eat! (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, now we know Sunny is a video game god. Let’s see Hyoyeon’s paper!

Hyo: Well, there is a dung picture in the middle of my paper. (fans laugh) It says “Hey, Hyo! I’m so happy that I’m at least a part of your funny life! And I hope you like this dung. It suits your dumbfounded and nonsensical psyche well. Please keep staying as a funny member. P.S. Your humor overshadows your dancing skill.” (fans laugh)

KSY: Humor overshadows dancing skill? (laugh)

(at this time, Hyoyeon’s belt was being unbuckled, and it bothered her. So she just completely unbuckled it at passed it to KSY)

KSY: (passing the belt to staff with giggling) Throw it away. (fans laugh)

Hyo: Oh, I just found a very good comment. “You, having many quotations, possessing almost un-human like amazing dancing skill, being child-like innocent, convenient store lover, having such a small face so that it might extinct someday, always making me laugh when being together, listening to others like it’s your own story, having deep affection and free soul, and hating irregular circle. I love you.” (it’s one hell of a long piece lol)

Hyo: She really knows me well.

KSY: Yeah, it seems so.

Sunny: Please read other comments, too.

Hyo: No, you don’t have to know it! (fans laugh)

KSY: (giggling) Why? No more good comments?

Sunny: She read just 2 comments. Maybe those are the only good things. (laugh)

KSY: Let’s see. “Your dancing is brilliant. I learned a lot things in many ways by watching you. But, I don’t want to learn your capricious manner. (fans laugh) Well, too bad I’ve already learned it. (fans laugh) Hyoyeon, do you behave capriciously?

Hyo: I don’t think so, but other girls said so…..

Sunny: Hey, Ms Kim Capricious! (fans laugh)

KSY: Ah, is she?

Sunny: She always makes an appointment for going to watch musical, movie, etc. And she suddenly changes her mind and tells us “I’m not going.” just an hour before we go! Recently, it became worse. She doesn’t even tell us she changed her mind. (laugh)

KSY: Haha. How about this one? “You’re so unpredictable! And unnie! Please do not hit me, it hurts! And please be obedient, dude!, I’m hungry give me some food!, you’re just like this writing, which is mind-boggling!” (fans laugh)

Girls: Wow, it really is Hyoyeonisque! (laugh)

Hyo: Who is it?

KSY: Well, it says “unnie” first and changes to “dude”. (to Hyo) Understand, dude? (laugh)

Sooyoung: (to Sunny) Isn’t it you-ma’am? (laugh)

Tiffany: If it’s Sunny, I’ll be shocked.

KSY: Ah, and next comment is “Going karaoke with you is more exciting than going Disneyland! How could you be so in sync with me! Thanks for playing with me when I dance inside our ban! But, could you please return my vacuum after you use it? I love you.” (fans laugh)

Hyo: OK, Sooyoung. I’ll do it. (fans laugh)

Sooyoung: (with crying voice) It’s from my fans! (fans laugh)

Hyo: Sooyoung always come back late.

KSY: You guys need to clean up your room. (laugh)

Sooyoung: OK.

KSY: Actually, I’ve visited SNSD’s dorm a lot of times, and….

Girls: No no no no no

KSY: And…..

Girls: No no no no no

KSY: (giggling) It was like hell. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, let’s move to Sooyoung’s.

Sooyoung: Ah, let’s see. “Hello honey, number one Japanese speaker! I envy you! When you’re tired and helpless, remember I always pray for you. You’re blessed. Thank god I found you!” (last part was in English) (fans laugh)

KSY: Ah, you just got away with the last part. Please read it again. (laugh)

Sooyoung: (reading fast) Thank god I found you! (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, what about the rest? “Please teach me Japanese. Am I bothering you? No, no? I guess not! please say no! (fans laugh) Yes, thirsty people have to dig a well. (it’s Korean proverb) Can you recognize my handwriting? If so, you’re genius wow!” (fans laugh)

Sooyoung: (to Sunny) Hey Sunkyu, you didn’t want to write it, did you? (laugh)

Sooyoung: Oh, I like this one. “You, being tall and having Barbie girl-like body shape, speaking Japanese fluently, speaking calmly and logically, like eating, being clean, making funny expression well, sometimes being like ajumma, and being tired for calling members to fix the wrong choreography, I love you.” (fans laugh)

KSY: (giggling) Being tired for calling members to fix the wrong choreography?

Sooyoung: Yes, I am the only person who gets tired out because of that. (laugh)

KSY: So, when someone danced wrong, you call her to fix it?

Sooyoung: One day, I listened to the performance through mic, and it includes my voice “Hyoyeona~” (laugh)

KSY: Did Hyoyeon dance wrong?

Sooyoung: Yes. When we do concert, there is a proper movement plan for every member. We set plans to make audiences feeling more touched, like moving right after firecracker sets off, and we need to follow the plan. Because if we don’t, it will be less touching. But some members always move before proper time! When it happened, I tried to call them to come back, but eventually I got tired out. (laugh)

Hyo: (to Sooyoung) If you get caught for moving wrong someday, then watch out! (laugh)

KSY: (to Hyoyeon) Don’t lose your temper, dude! (fans laugh)

Sooyoung: Um, next one is…”You’re the best mate. Thanks for not leaving me alone when I eat something after meals. People have to eat for living, right? Keep staying together for long time, and let’s try not to disappoint each other. I love you.”

Taeng: Ah, well, because of the eating part, it must be Yoona.

Sooyoung: Yes, it must be Yoona.

Yoona: Um…actually it doesn’t belong to the number 1 of my recent concerns (which is “excessive vigorousness” She wrote comments in non-respected form, so she tried to explain it.). It should be written anonymous, so I had discussion with Seohyun and we agreed not to use respected from when we write comments for the papers. And guess what? Seohyun wrote like “You, being ~~~, having ~~~” (laugh) Yes, she didn’t say unnie, but….(fans laugh)

KSY: (laughing) Ah, it was Seohyun? (at this time, Seohyun covered her face with her hands and fans laugh lol)

KSY: Oh, why didn’t you read this one? “Japan is your heaven. I envy you. Your Japanese is too good! (fans laugh) And could you please not put your feet on my face? (fans laugh)

Sooyoung: Well, because of that I moved my bed a bit farther against hers. You know, I can only control myself when I’m conscious. (laugh) But she is mean to me because of my sleeping habit! Of course she was half joking, but I decided to move my bed. Well, even though my legs are long, they couldn’t reach there. (fans cried)

KSY: (to Sunny) Hit her! (laugh) So, you know who wrote this?

Sooyoung: Yes, of course. My roommate, Jessica.

KSY: OK. Let’s see Taeyeon’s. (her face became distorted) Ah, what’s this? God, could you please show it to fans? (to fans) Look at the picture. Ppak! (it’s a farting noise lol)

(Taeyeon laughed hard)

Taeng: (to KSY) Could you please read it for me?

KSY: Ah, you want me to do it? OK. “I set my goal since I saw you having so much fun whenever you hear stories about farting noise. I’ll make you hear farting noise of mine, not faking but real. You should know what I’m talking about. I think of you this much! It seems we got much closer, right? Cause we’re not awkward anymore. Yay, I like it!” (fans laugh)

Taeng: What the….(laugh)

KSY: Who is it?

Taeng: Um, I know a certain member got into this letter(ppak!) recently.

KSY: Ppak! (Taeng laugh)

Sunny: Taeng just loves it! (laugh)

KSY: OK, I’ll make Taeng laugh. (to Taeyeon) Ppak! (fans laugh)

Taeng: (giggling) It’s not funny anymore.

KSY: Pudubdub (another farting noise lol)

(Taeng laughed hard)

Tiff: Taeng is almost crying! (laugh)

KSY: It is funny, isn’t it? (laugh)

Taeng: (to KSY) Do you fart like that? (laugh)

KSY: Mine is ppak! (fans laugh)

Taeng: Next one is, “When you laugh hard so that it seems you’re almost crying, it makes my feeling good. Laugh more. And, why do you sing so well? It’s annoying, ppak! (fans laugh) You laugh like ajumma more and more! Do not abuse me, cause we’re in a similar situation! Though, I like it. Could you please shut your eyes when sleeping? (laugh) I love you. Let’s take care of our health, that’s the most important thing.”

KSY: Ah, you don’t close your eyes when sleeping?

Taeng: Yes.

KSY: Please shut your eyes, then. (laugh)

Tiff: When we were in Japan, I shared the room with Taeng and Sunny. One day, I woke up and the curtains were hanging at the window. Between the curtains, a bit of sunlight went into the room, and it shot Taeng’s face directly. So I saw her face, and Taeng’s eyes were open. I was so surprised, because I didn’t share room for a long time. I really wanted to close her eyes. (laugh)

Taeng: (giggling) I was watching you guys!

KSY: You did? (laugh) You know, we did “Win Win” together, and when we’re at waiting room, sometimes you scared the hell out of me. (made funny expression on her face) Ah, unnie I’m so tired! (fans laugh)

Yuri: Wow, it’s just like Taeng! (laugh)

Taeng: (laugh) Let’s see one more comment.

KSY: Shall we? “Taeng, please take care of your sty. It’s not contagious, isn’t it? (fans laugh) I love you. I envy your voice! Hwaiting! P.S. Take care of your stomachache! When you have an upset stomach, my heart breaks! Do not eat cold, harden food!” Taeng, do you eat cold food?

Taeng: I like cold and harden food. (laugh)

Sooyoung: That’s why she has stomachache.

Taeng: You know, normally people like to eat crunchy laver, but I prefer humid one. (laugh) Same thing for snack. I want it to be humid.

Sooyoung: Um, she even eats tteokbokki (Korean rice cake with chili sauce) like that! She eats it when it becomes harden. She doesn’t heat it.

Yuri: Yes, she is bizarre. (laugh)

Sooyoung: It’s not done yet. She loves cold jjigae. (Korean hot soup)

Jessica: And she eats food on the ground, too! (laugh)

KSY: Does she? Ground beggar? (laugh)

Sunny: I assume that’s the reason her nickname is “Byun Taeyeon” (fans laugh)

Taeng: Ah, I think it’s because I have short temper. It’s like, “Ah, I’m hungry. I don’t care about heating the food. I have to eat it now!” (laugh)

KSY: Hopefully, next time heat it up before you eat.

KSY: OK, next up is Yuri.

Yuri: All right. I’ll start with a good one. “Hello, Kuneo! I like your always positive attitude! Because of you, I can understand everyone better. But, your kkap becomes deepened than pre-debut. Well, I like it anyway. Let’s do kkap more!” Well, I can figure out by handwriting only. It’s Taeyeon. (fans laugh)

KSY: Haha, next one is?

Yuri: (giggling) “You, always making cheerful expression, workout lover, enjoying eating yam, Mickey lover, doing your best at everything, though sometimes being timid, always trying to act generous, trying to enjoy many things, very well-matched with your nickname ‘coffee’, and possessing black skin, I love you.” (fans laugh, and Seohyun already cover her face with her hands lol)

KSY: Haha, yeah that person. Next?

Yuri: Um, “Hey! Don’t scold Tiffany for being loud. You’re not that far off! We’re gonna be kicked out from our apartment! Sound of your laughter is huge! And, please don’t make bizarre expression when there are many people! If you do it like that, then I’ll make you do the same thing in front of our fans! I love you. You’re my reflection.” (fans laugh)

KSY: Hm, don’t scold Tiffany for being loud…Is it you, Tiffany?

Tiff: Yes, it’s me. Yuri, you’re louder than me! (fans laugh) Yuri’s voice is very loud. But she always tell me “Hey Tiff, you’re too loud!”, and it makes me embarrassed. You know, other members know Yuri is loud.

Sooyoung: Well, the loudest one is Tiffany.

Tiffany: No, we’re not that different!

KSY: I’ve visited your dorm, and guess what? Tiff, you’re the loudest. (fans laugh) And Yuri is the second. (laugh) Next one?

Yuri: “Yes, you are loud! I couldn’t tell you yet, but I had a hard time in my room because of your loud voice! And don’t get mad, it’s scary. Please be less talkative! And when you get up early, don’t wake me up in a peculiar way! Let’s go out for somewhere! I love you. P.S. We need table, desk lamps, and speaker between our beds!”

KSY: What’s that?

Yuri: It’s my roommate, Yoona, and she wrote down what we need in our room.

KSY: Well, Yoona wrote in a non-respected from, but still Seohyun wrote like “You~being~having~” (fans laugh and Seohyun covered her face again lol)

Yuri: Ah, this one is, um, never mind.

KSY: Why? Let’s see. Hm, it says “Yuri, I have nothing to say, but I lov, um love you. And when we’re at the car, please don’t put your feet up because it stinks. Though your toe dancing is cute!” (fans laugh)

Yuri: I know who wrote this! It’s our manager oppa. He wrote it for fun!

Taeng: Wow, he’s being active.

KSY: I guess so. Don’t put your feet up because it stinks, well…(laugh)

Yuri: (almost crying) No, my feet don’t stink! Our family doesn’t have feet smell congenitally! (fans laugh)

KSY: Haha, your family?

Yuri: (to her mother) Mom, we don’t, right? (fans laugh)

Yoona: Yuri cannot stand this sort of joke. (fans yelled) Well, joke is a joke. One day, manager oppa said “We should’ve cut Yuri and started SNSD.”, and Yuri was like “Oppa, are you serious?” and asked other members “Do you think like that, too?” (laugh)

KSY: OK, it was Yuri whose feet stinks and possesses black skin. (laugh) Next, you, being Maknae, Seohyun! (fans laugh)

Seohyun: Yes.

Girls: She is a rhapsodist. (laugh)

Seohyun: (laugh) Um, let’s see. ”Please….bring back your flexibility. But I love that you’re Maknae of our team.”

KSY: Ah, talking about your flexibility. Well, who is it?

Hyo: I think it’s the one who sits at the very end of the right side. (laugh)

Yoona: No, it’s not me.

Seohyun: Um…Sunny unnie? (Sunny turned her head)

KSY: Um, Ms Lee Sunkyu is pretending it’s not her. (fans laugh)

Seohyun: “Hello Maknae! You’re having a hard time. Personally, I’m so curious when and with whom you will marry. I mean, I’m really curious. Well, you’ve already married once though. You’re that weird, and well, I’m just curious. As Maknae, I want to see you keep behaving well like now!” (sigh, and fans laugh)

KSY: Why do you sigh? (laugh)

Seohyun: Ah, no, never mind. (laugh) Well, this one is long!

KSY: “I like Yonghwa, too! For him, I can let you go. (fans laugh) Sorry for being tough. But please understand that my love for you is suuuuuuper big! And you’re getting prettier! I envy you! You’re too perfect! OK, maybe not. But you’re Umchinddal. (it’s an on line term which means a woman who is good at virtually everything.) I love you.”

KSY: Oh, and one more. “You have changed! You don’t play with unnies! Only things you do are filming We’ve Got Married and going to school. Do you like it?” (fans laugh)

Seohyun: (laugh) Wow, unnies….

KSY: It seems everyone envies you, Seohyun. “Maknae! Do you feel good cause you’ve got married? You’re cool! The night when we go to Japan, well, you looked much different. You’re brilliant! I love you.”

Seohyun: Who is it?

KSY: What happened?

Seohyun: (still looking around) Who is it?

Jessica: It’s me! (fans laugh)

Seohyun: Oh~~ really?

Jessica: You sat right beside me then.

KSY: So what exactly happened that day?

Seohyun: Well, one day…..I’ll never forget….

KSY: Um, why?

Jessica: Well, you don’t have to know it. (laugh)

Yoona: Seohyun showed her loyalty to us. (laugh)

KSY: Ah…..

Yuri: She showed her loyalty with tears…

KSY: OK, let’s move on.

Seohyun: I want to read this one. “Each of your word made me see the world positively. Sharing room with you, I always feel I really have a great roommate.” Thank you, unnie.

KSY: Ah, your roommate. Who is it?

Seohyun: It’s Hyoyeon unnie. (at this time, Hyoyeon made funny expression on her face)

KSY: (laugh) What’s that?

Hyoyeon: (proudly) Well, it’s me. (fans laugh)

KSY: Haha, OK. Let’s see other comments. “Hyun, I’m glad you have more flexibility now! Good job! Do you like Yonghwa? Then tell me, I’ll push for you! What am I talking about? (fans laugh) Hyun, let’s take good care of our skin. You have to maintain your skin health. Don’t lose to Jiyoung or Sulli! (fans laugh) Because you’re goddess!” (fans cried)

Seohyun: (to Sooyoung) OK, I’ll do it so please let me sleep. (laugh)

KSY: Ah, it’s Sooyoung. Yes, age is just a meaningless number.

(and she moved to the next member, Jessica. Jessica said something to her.)

KSY: (giggling) Well, shut up. (fans laugh, and Jess also laughed and touch KSY’s abdomen)

KSY: (to Jess) Don’t touch my abdomen cause it hurts my pride. (fans laugh)

(Jess showed KSY her paper, and waited for her to read it.)

KSY: (giggling) You go ahead and read! (fans laugh)

Jess: “When I walk with you, I want to hold your foot rather than your hand. (laugh) I’ll tell a man who really loves you this. Please put a ring on your 4th toe, not 4th finger. (Jess laughed so hard. She almost cried lol) (to KSY) Look at this, unnie.

KSY: (giggling) Well, there is a foot drawing on paper. (fans laugh) Yes, there is a ring on the 4th toe! (fans laugh) Let’s read the rest. “Your toe is so innocent that it’s impossible to tell a lie. Whoa, I became more interested in you. As a member and as a friend, I love you till the day the dead skin cell on your heel grows 5cm.” Well, you guys really love each other in a dirty way. (fans laugh)

(at this time, Hyoyeon made funny expression again.)

KSY: (laugh) Ah, is it you again?

KSY: Well, this one looks um…(to fans) we don’t know who is it, it’s a secret, right?

Jess: (giggling) Yes, it’s a secret.

KSY: (giggling) “You, being a natural enemy of cucumber in previous existence,”

Jess: (giggling) “You, raising rats on your feet,” (In Korean, cramp and rat are homonyms.)

KSY: “You, doesn’t like fish but catching it well,”

Jess: “You, possessing feminine image,”

KSY: “You, chewing noodles once before swallowing,”

Jess: “You, looking like a cold person,”

KSY: “But possessing warm heart inside,”

Jess: “You, being tender-hearted and being easily moved to tears,”

KSY: “You, having sweet and pretty voice,”

Jess: “You, sleeping princess, who barely moves until we wake you up for the tenth time,”

KSY & Jess: (facing Seohyun) “I love you” (fans laugh) (during this talk, Seohyun could not raise her head lol)

Jess: (to Seohyun with smiling) Love you, too.

KSY: Sleeping princess. Jessica is a sleeping princess. (giggle) OK, next up is Yoona.

Yoona: (giggling) I can’t help but laughing when I opened it. What a great mentor she is!

KSY: (giggling) Who’s your mentor?

Yoona: She wrote down very meaningful 2 letters.

KSY: 2 letters?

Yoona: It’s “Ah~Nwa~” (fans laugh) (It’s another Korean on-line term. People use it when they’re in an annoying situation.) She wrote it with a picture!

Hyo: I had a lot of things to write for Yoona, but Ah~Nwa~ (laugh) I couldn’t write because I had no time. I thought Yoona will understand me without saying much, so…

Yoona: Uh, I wanted to hear it from you, though….

KSY: Well, it might be better. How about other comments? “Despite being so pretty, why do you play like that, unnie? (fans laugh) You’re not utilizing your pretty face at all! If you can’t, then just sell it! For 3000 wons! (fans laugh) Well, is it too expensive?”

Yoona: Um…isn’t it Sunny unnie’s comment?

KSY: Well….(Sunny made a funny expression) haha is it you, Sunny? OK.

Yoona: “Yoong! When I feel sad, you’re being sad, too. When I find something funny and try to tell you, you already found the same thing. When I feel sleepy, you, too. And especially when I feel hungry, you’re always with me. Lovely Yoona, please do not perform a weird dancing in front of many people. (fans laugh) And do not hang out with Hyoyeon too much, cause you’re getting capricious! I love you.”

KSY: Haha, don’t hang out with Hyoyeon cause you’re getting capricious. (laugh)

Yoona: (giggling) And I have no idea who this is…

KSY: (giggling) Ah, you really don’t know who wrote it? (fans laugh)

KSY: “You, used to making catfish expression on your face,”

Yoona: “You, possessing beautiful face like jewels,”

KSY: “You, loving t-shirt with hood, and matching especially well with long hair,”

Yoona: In brackets, it says “It’s not that short hair doesn’t fit you well.” (fans laugh)

Yoona: “You, being easy-going just like boys, and often feeling nausea,”

KSY: “You, often feeling cold, and possessing broad-mind,”

Yoona: “You, taking good care of other people, and being passionate at acting just like actresses,”

KSY: “You, being loyal, and having the longest arms among us,”

KSY & Yoona: (facing Seohyun) I love you~ (fans laugh)

KSY: (giggling) She really is a rhapsodist. (laugh)

Yoona: I feel disappointed. Because when I counted the comments, it was just 7. There should be 8 comments, right?

Sooyoung: I have only six. (fans laugh)

Yoona: And one member wrote just “Ah~Nwa~”, and I found out Taeyeon unnie didn’t write.

Taeng: Didn’t I write?

KSY: Taeng, did you write it?

Taeng: Um, I don’t know. I thought I wrote it.

KSY: Well, you guys gave lots of members, maybe that’s why you forgot someone?

Tiff: Um, I was the last person who wrote these, and last time I checked, there were 9 or 10 comments on Sunny’s paper. (laugh)

Taeng: (to Sunny) Didn’t you write your own comments, unnie? (fans laugh)

Sunny: (giggling and reading her paper) “How can you be so perfect? Even your name is perfect! Sunny, without you, SNSD can’t survive! You’re amazing and real!”

KSY: (interrupting Sunny) You wrote them, right? (fans laugh)

Tiffany: Well, there has to be 8 comments, but she has 10 or more. (laugh)

Hyo: I have 8~

KSY: (picking up Sunny’s paper and reading) “I love you unnie! Unnie, you’re the best! Don’t listen to others cause you’re the best! Unnie, you’re my favorite! Love you, Sunny jjang Sunny the best!” (to Sunny) You also wrote these, right? (fans laugh)

Taeng: Ah, I’m very sorry for Yoona. Perhaps I was confused because we have so many members. I thought I wrote it.

KSY: I guess so. (to Taeng) Ppak! (fans laugh)

Taeng: (laugh) Tonight, I’ll buy Yoona a dinner.

Yoona: Really? I didn’t mean it, but…(laugh)

KSY: OK, next. Ha, Tiffany, yours look pretty.

Tiff: I guess members wrote my paper first.

KSY: Well, usually people write very hard at fist, and it gets lesser and lesser, and at last it becomes like Yoona’s. (laugh) OK, Tiffany?

Tiff: This one is impressive. “Unnie, I’m cuter, funnier than you. I’m jjang! But my voice fails me! Because of your voice, I am always overshadowed. Ah~Nwa~” (laugh)

Tiff: “I feel reassured because of you, unnie! Only you, Tiffany unnie is good at pointing out with loud voice!” (laugh) “You’re born to be loved~” (It’s a song) (laugh)

(at this time, Hyoyeon made another weird expression on her face)

KSY: (to Hyoyeon) Haha, professor Kim. Stay there.

Tiff: And….(laugh)

KSY: (picking up Tiff’s paper and reading) “Tiffany, who is more glowing than mushroom.” (It’s a joke. Usually girls make fun of Tiffany by calling her ‘Tiffany, who is shinier than mushroom.’ It’s kind of a variation.) (fans laugh)

Tiff: She drew picture of mushroom here. (laugh)

KSY: (giggling) “Recently, there are many attempts to steal your eye smile! I’ll handle all of them! How dare you imitate Tiffany’s eye smile! (fans cried) Tiffany, it’s your trademark, and it makes everyone happy, so please stay as the queen of eye smile. Ahig!”

Tiff: Ahig! (laugh)

KSY: Who is Ahig?

Taeng: (with cute voice) Ahig! (fans cried)

Tiff: Well, it became stressful for me. Because, recently many idols debuted, and there are many people who have great eye smiles, including our junior, Sulli.

KSY: Um, I can say Tiffany has better eye smile than XX. (she intentionally mumbled. Fans laugh)

Sunny: Better than whom? Say it clearly.

KSY: XX (still mumbling) (fans laugh)

Tiff: Thank you.

KSY: How about other comments?

Tiff: Well, you mean this one? I have lots of funny comments.

KSY: “You have a really great, rich voice!”

Tiff: “You’re such a cool person. But do not try to be funny.” (fans laugh)

KSY: “You’re funny enough when you’re not trying to be funny.” (fans laugh)

Tiff: “I want to be cute, and be good at English just like you. And watch out your Totoro!” (Totoro is a famous Japanimation character.) (laugh)

KSY: “Always smile and be cheerful! I love you.”

Tiff: Totoro is one my favorite characters and I have its doll. Totoro gave me hope when I was a kid. The doll is very precious to me, and it is at my bed. But one day, girls plucked its whiskers! And they took its picture and pretended they kidnap it! They were like “Bring 200 million dollars tomorrow at XX, or I’ll never give it back to you.” (laugh) I was very shocked, so I moved it to our Japan dorm, and it appeared to be finished. Now they’re threatening me again here.

KSY: That’s why she wrote “Watch out your Totoro” (laugh) And, what’s this. “Yuri unnie took too much space!”

Tiff: (giggling) Yuri wrote “Sorry. I used too much space. Please don’t be too mean to me. It’s my mistake.”

KSY: She must’ve used big space. (Tiffany showed her paper to KSY.) Ah, in the middle of the paper. (silence) Um….who wrote it in English? (fans laugh)

Tiff: “Hey yo partner! No need to say.” (It was in English)

KSY: OK. So what does it mean?

Tiff: It means I don’t have to say.

KSY: I don’t have to say?

Tiff: It’s Jessica. She must’ve been tiresome. (laugh)

Girls: No, it doesn’t mean ‘I don’t have to say’, it’s rather ‘You will know it without even saying’

Jess: You know, there is a relationship that doesn’t need many words. That’s why I wrote it. (fans cried)

KSY: Oh, and there is another one! Everyone, we have another comment from anonymous. (fans laugh)

Tiff: She wrote it at the very end of the paper. (laugh)

KSY: OK, should I start? “Being loud means~”

Tiff: “Having rich voice,” (fans laugh)

Tiff: “You, possessing the best advantage as a singer,”

KSY: “You, making other people happy when smiling,”

Tiff: “You, loving our members more than anybody,”

KSY: “You, matching so well with short hair,”

Tiff: “You, making us happy with your dancing” (laugh)

KSY & Tiff: “You, being warm, and being easily moved to tears, I love you.” (fans cried)

Tiff: (to Seohyun) Is my dancing funny? (laugh) I’m serious when I dance.

Sunny: It’s funny because you’re serious. (fans laugh)

Seohyun: It’s funny.

KSY: Well, we should give Seohyun another nickname, “I love you” (fans laugh) She wrote them all at the same place.

Seohyun: Yes, I did. (laugh)

11. Hyoyeon’s birthday party

KSY: Good. You guys probably have talked a lot before, but writing words on paper can be felt a little bit different, right? Hopefully everyone keep its paper preciously, and we have something to celebrate now. (fans cried, and big cake came out) As you know, 22nd was Hyoyeon’s birthday. It was Chuseok holiday, so we planned birthday party with Sones today. (fans cried)

Tiff: Wow, Hyoyeon’s cake is the biggest.

KSY: Hyoyeon, please come out. Let’s sing a birthday song for her.

(at this time, Seohyun was aiming firecracker at Hyoyeons’ chin.)

KSY: (laugh) Seohyun, why do you put it on her face? (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, 1,2,3! (fans and girls all sang a birthday song together for Hyoyeon)

Girls: Tell me your wish!

KSY: So Hyoyeon, is it your…

Hyo: (giggling) It’s my 20th birthday. (fans laugh)

KSY: Ah, you know I have knife in my hand. (fans laugh)

Hyo: OK, it’s my 21st birthday.

KSY: Well, we have beautiful cake, but the knife is…(fans laugh) Look, it’s too big. (laugh) OK, we’ll cut the cake, and then, we’re gonna listen to Hyoyeon.

(Hyoyeon and other girls gathered, and cut the cake together.)

Jess: Too bad it’s not a whipped-cream cake!

Tiff: I agree.

Hyo: Thank you very much.

Girls: Wow, it looks delicious, though.

KSY: Hey, you are SNSD. (fans laugh)

(girls still gathering and trying to eat cake lol)

KSY: Hold yourself! We can eat like mad person after the show. (fans laugh) OK, Hyoyeon, how do you feel?

Hyo: Um I spent my previous birthdays with members, but it is the first time I have birthday party with Sones. (fans cried) Thank you so much. Ah, I don’t know what to say. Actually I’m feeling cheesy.

KSY: Well, you look tearful.

Tiff: Yeah, she does.

Hyo: I am so touched. Can’t describe how I feel. Thank you. Hopefully I can have birthday parties with Sones for thousands years.

KSY: OK, congrats to your 22nd birthday, Hyoyeon. I had to nitpick. (fans laugh)

12. Ask questions to SNSD!

KSY: Well, we had time to know what SNSD members think, so this time we’re gonna let fans ask questions to SNSD. (fans cried)

KSY: We have fans’ questions in here. You can pick one question by a person, and answer the question. OK, Sunny!

Sunny: “It’s the golden age of idols. What is the attraction point of SNSD, which is different from other groups? You can show it to us if you want.” (fans cried)

KSY: Hmm, what’s the attraction point of SNSD?

Sunny: Well, it could be familiarity, and diversity, of course, but I think cuteness must be the biggest reason? (For latter part, she said with a typical cute-Sunny voice lol) (fans cried)

Sunny: There could be sexiness, or something else, and we have lots of…

KSY: OK, next! (fans laugh)

Hyo: “How do you feel when you see Sones’ pink lightsticks at the stage?”

KSY: How do you feel?

Hyo: When we see Sones’ lightsticks, we get lots of energy. Of course we can give out fans some energy, but it’s almost indescribable how much energy we get from our fans. At our concert, I almost cried when I stepped up to the stage. We’re so thankful to our fans. (at this time, she pretended to cry, and fans laugh) Please cheer for us all the time! (fans cried)

KSY: Good. Sooyoung?

Sooyoung: “Until now, what choreography was the most memorable? If you have any episode for it, please let us know.”

KSY: What was the most memorable one?

Sunny: For Sooyoung, it must be Genie, I guess?

KSY: Yes, perhaps.

Yuri: Sooyoung remembers all the choreography, even other members’, too. She is bright. Sometimes we had to perform as 7 members or 8 members, and we have choreography for certain formation. But when we get confused, Sooyoung always let us know because she remembers everything. And she remembers previous choreographies very well, too. (fans cried)

KSY: Then show us anything among them.

Taeng: In RDR choreography, there is a part which shows Sooyoungs long legs pretty well. (fans cried) You know, standing as a diagonal line…at practice room, she taught other members how to do it.

Hyo: Ah, twisting pelvis! (fans cried)

KSY: Sooyoung, show us how to do it!

Sunny: Sooyoung has such long legs, so even though we stood as a diagonal line, one of her leg hit my shin! (fans laugh)

(Sooyoung showed twisting pelvis dancing in RDR choreography, and fans cried)

Sooyoung: We should dance together to make it look great.

Taeng: Honestly, I wanted to see her dancing. (laugh)

KSY: (laugh) You did?

Taeng: (giggling) Because she is so good at it!

Sooyoung: Actually, choreographer told me that I have a good feeling when I perform this part.

KSY: So that’s why Taeng personally wanted to see you!

Sooyoung: I guess so. (to Taeng) I’ll show you more at home. (fans cried)

Taeng: OK. (laugh)

KSY: Next, Taeyeon!

Taeng: “I heard you guys did guardian angel thing at the beginning of the year. How was it?”

KSY: You did?

Taeng: Yes, when we prepare for “Oh!”, we did it for fun. We assumed it will last long. (fans laugh) So we thought it is a good idea, and did it. However, because of hard schedules, it came to nothing. But we let each other know who the guardian angel was. (laugh)

KSY: Ah, because you guys were busy, it came to nothing….

Taeng: Yes. But now we’re doing Japan activity, so it will be fun if we do it again.

KSY: Ah, do it again, and when you have fan meeting in Japan, tell fans that…

Jessica: It came nothing again. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK. Next, (to Yuri) you, having black skin! (fans laugh)

Yuri: “I wonder you guys stay at dorm like you do in Korea. If you do, are there any changes in roommates?”

Yuri: Ah, I think we told you already, anyway, we use two floors, 2nd, and 5th. In 2nd floor, there are Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona. No changes in roommates. In 5th floor, there are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Jessica. (she faltered a bit when she said the last part lol)

KSY: Hey, how can you forget it? (laugh)

Sunny: Yuri is like that all the time! (laugh)

KSY: Well, when I go to Japan someday, please allow me to stay there. (laugh)

KSY: OK. (to Seohyun) Hey, I love you~ (fans cried)

Seohyun: Yes!

Tiffany: The cheesiest member of all time, Seo Ju-Hyun! (laugh)

Seohyun: “When do you feel proud of being SNSD?”

Seohyun: Um, I think it’s when all 9 members perform at the stage together. (fans cried) Behind the stage, we’re just like other girls. We played like normal teenage girls.

Jessica: (to Seohyun) Twenties, I guess?

Seohyun: Ah, you’re right, twenties. (fans laugh)

KSY: Haha, she is feeling being old again! (laugh)

Seohyun: Woo, I feel being old exactly the situation like this! (almost crying) I’m twenty! Anyway, we played like normal twenties behind the stage. But when we’re at the stage, we become completely different people. So when we perform together at the stage, we feel proud of being SNSD.

KSY: That’s cool. Give them applause. (fans applaud) Next, Jessica!

Jessica: OK. “What is your most ashamed TV broadcasting experience?”

KSY: What was it?

Jessica: Ah, when I had to do some aegyo, or had to make cute expression at entertainment program.

Sunny: Personally, I’d pick “Nililia”. It was at Starking. (fans yelled)

Jessica: Wow, I didn’t know it is that memorable.

Sooyoung: (to fans) Do you know Jessica once learned pansori? (it’s one of Korean traditional music genre) (fans cried)

Jessica: (laugh) Well, perhaps nobody knew it. We could keep it as a secret! (laugh)

KSY: Then, let’s see how you do it.

Jessica: Really?

KSY: Yes. (to fans) Do you want to hear it? (fans said “yes~”)

(Jessica sang “Nililia~ Nililia~Ninano~” and fans laughed hard. If you don’t know what this is, check Starking 100206. It was exactly the same.)

Jessica: Well, Kang Hodong oppa would love it if he saw this. He made me do it.

KSY: Ah, he did? Anyway, do not talk about him cause he’s not here. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, it was Jessica, who has ring in her 4th toe! (fans laugh) Next, Yoona!

Yoona: “I heard there are members who got drivers’ license recently. Who are they, and how do you feel when you take the car driven by other members?”

KSY: There are members who got drivers license, right?

Yoona: Yes. We have 4.

KSY: Who?

Yoona: Please put your hands up!

KSY: Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Sunny.

Tiff: They ignore other members after they got them. Especially Yuri, she always said “I’m capable woman!” (fans laugh)

Yoona: They all drive pretty well. But, I always feel I have to buckle up my seatbelt tight, and make sure I have proper insurance before I take it. (fans laugh) Still, they are better than I expected.

Tiff: Sooyoung drived me recenctly. And I told her to turn right at the traffic lights, and she was like “Why are you telling me now! You should’ve told me at least 500m before!” (laugh)

Sooyoung: Hah, it’s…well, never mind. You can’t understand until you actually drive it. (fans laugh)

Tiff: I have an experience. (laugh)

Sooyoung: (ignoring Tiff’s comment) Well, inexperienced driver usually doesn’t know the streets well, so they have to prepare earlier. If you want to make a right turn, you have to tell me much earlier. If not, there will be so much confusion. Therefore, we could drive only straightforward that day. (laugh)

KSY: OK. Tiffany?

Tiff: “What do Sone mean to SNSD?” (fans cried)

Tiff: Well, it’s a very tough question. If I describe it as a single word, Sone is SNSD’s ‘Genie”. (fans cried) We sang a song which said we’ll be our fans’ Genie, but actually it’s Sone who makes our dreams come true. Um, it’s getting cheesier. (laugh) I wrote it at thanks to of our albums before. We do music for our fans, and our fans always love us more than we expected. They care for every single member of SNSD much. So I always feel thankful to you. (fans cried) You’re our Genies.

13. Final messages from SNSD

KSY: Well, it’s time to wrap it up. (fans groaned) How did you feel, girls?

Sunny: Time flied so fast. It’s just over 2 hours, and…..(silence)

KSY: OK, Don’t be absentminded! (fans laugh)

Sunny: (giggling) I tried to remember what we did today, and memory paper thing lingers in my mind. (laugh) Because of Japan promotion, we couldn’t get the chance to meet our fans recently. Hopefully it could soothe you a bit, and this is just the first step, because you’re official Sone 1st, and it’s a first fan meeting. Which means we have plenty of time, with plenty of opportunities to meet again. I wish we can build our memories step by step. (fans cried)

Tiff: It feels like spending time with family on holidays. It’s been a long time since we last met, but still we can talk loudly, and relaxed. It was nice to share good words, and it makes me feel warm. (fans cried)

KSY: How about you, Yoona?

Yoona: Um, at the time we just started Japan activity, I told Sones do not cheat while we’re not here couple times. (laugh) I could not be at the fan meeting in 2008 as you saw during the intermission. I could say hello to our fans by phone call only then. Well it was a little bit different but anyway, I was sorry for that. It’s so good that this time I could actually be here, and hopefully the fans that came here today will join the 2nd Official Sone, too. (fans cried)

KSY: Jessica?

Jess: It was fun. It’s good to have a lot of conversations. But it would’ve been better if we could listen to you more. It seems we talked to each other too much. (laugh) Hopefully we can meet again next time, and I love you Sones. (fans cried)

KSY: Seohyun? I love you? (fans laugh)

Seohyun: It was the first time we did official fan meeting. I’ll never forget today. When people have ties, I think it is for the lifetime especially the precious one like ours. I don’t even think you will cheat on us. (fans laugh) I’m serious. (laugh) I believe you love us not only because our looks but also our inner selves. Since we’re tied in a good way, I wish we can grow old together. (fans laugh) I know the word can be heard weird, but I want to share my time with you for a long time. When SNSD become ajjumas, then you’ll become ajjuma fans, right? (fans laugh) Well, anyway I love you~ (fans cried)

KSY: Good. Yuri, you, having black skin?

Yuri: (laugh) I liked it because we could be very honest. You know, when we meet old friends, we know what each other thinks even without saying. Old friends understand me whatever I do, because, they are old friends! I think we showed you the natural part of SNSD today. I feel reassured, and I realized yet again we have so many people who are at our side. Thank you so much. Hopefully we can share the same memories when we become older. (fans cried)

KSY: Taeyeon?

Taeng: While we’re at the hair shop preparing for today, we wanted to do more than usual because today is a special day. We considered fan meeting is very important for us and our fans. I think we showed a bit unusual selves to you, and I assume it was successful, right? (laugh)

KSY: Yes, it was.

Taeng: And even though we started overseas promotion, I feel so reassured that we have this many Sones in Korea. It will keep us strong when we feel tired and lonely. For all of you, and for ourselves, we’ll try to perform good music on an on. Thank you. (fans cried)

KSY: Sooyoung?

Sooyoung: As Yuri said already, whatever we do or say, fans here know who we really are and don’t think us strange. As you know, SNSD wasn’t always cruising. There were lots of misunderstandings, and lots of painful stuff for us, but fans here always believed us and always supported us. That’s why we could say whatever we want, and we could even show us wearing tracksuits to you. (laugh) It was such a nice time. Pink ocean is so pretty. It’s even prettier than SNSD. (laugh) I hope you’ll stay the same for a long time, and as much as you feel proud of us, we’ll try our best so that you can proudly say “I’m a fan of SNSD” to anybody. Thank you. (fans cried)

KSY: Hyoyeon?

Hyo: Well, I’m really serious. It’s not a joke. All I can say is I feel exactly same as other members. (fans laugh)

Hyo: I’m really really serious.

KSY: (laugh) OK. Well, I was happy to be here today. I’ve seen them since they debuted, and um…I’m not used to talking about myself. (laugh) SNSD had heartbreaks, concerns, and of course happy memories, too. I saw them going through all of them, and told them they should still feel happy because they have many people who support them. I envy SNSD because they are such happy girls. I’m very proud of them, and I wish good luck on their Japan promotion. Please give good supports to SNSD, and it’s an honor for me to be the MC of 1st official fan meeting of SNSD. (fans cried)

KSY: SNSD prepared last stage for the fans. It’s the song for Sones. It’s called “Forever”. (fans cried) Give them applause.

Girls: Thank you, Shin Young unnie~

14. Final stage: Forever

This song always makes me being touched, and this time it was no exception. During the performance, girls were tearful, too, but they sang pretty well till the end. After the stage, girls greeted fans and everybody chanted “지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대!”, and girls left.

15. Epilogue

What else should I say? These girls rock! I don’t know if there is anybody who can be this adorable without trying to be adorable. They actually act like a loud teenage girls, and guess what? It makes them even lovelier!

Though it’s one hell of a long piece, I hope you enjoyed it. Girls said a lot of funny things, but due to the language barrier, you might not get it perfectly. Wish I could minimize the gap by this fan account.

One thing I really hope every Sones to remember. Girls said they will try their best to make us feel proud of being their fans. I’m not saying we Sones have to try just like them, but at least we can avoid being jerks. We can make SNSD feel proud of us. If we can be proud of each other, then we can support them until we become ajjuma and ajjussi like Seohyun said.

I really want to share my memories with SNSD, and good Sones for a long time.

Thanks for reading.


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