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More fan accounts added.

So, been feeling like SNSD isn’t around at all lately? Well, that’s because they reportedly aren’t even in Korea right now! The girls have recently been spotted in Phuket, Thailand for work, filming or doing photoshoots for a possible 2nd photobook or an MV.

Thai-S♡NEs are being super civil and mature, having given them a proper S♡NE greeting at the airport as well as making sure that the girls go undisturbed during their stay.

There are quite a few small tidbits of fan-accounts, but to sum it up, Yoona, Hyoyeon and Jessica seemed to be having a really jolly time while Tiffany was being quiet. Maknae Seohyun has dyed her hair again and Sooyoung is back in short hair. Sunny was walking around with a cap pulled over her face (I wonder how she sees…).

Of course, there’s a bit of info from woori silis7noy2♡ (because the name warrants a ‘♡’):

So the weather right now at Phuket is good for shooting in water? According to staff these crazy girls want to try some daring things like jetskiing, snorkeling and the manager is dissuading them…

The girls are staying at Indigo Pearl Hotel, an expensive 5-star hotel near the airport. Of course, nothing but the best for our girls right? There’s reportedly 9 other thai-SONEs there, but they are respecting the girls’ space.

There’s also one spazzmatic fan-account from a Hottest (2PM) fan that stuck around because they heard a Korean group that would be around. It’s mainly Yoona-biased but totally cute.



…..we was planning to check out and back to Bangkok on Friday but fortunately P’Jane heard the Hotel staff talking about there will be the production team from Korea coming on Friday night, that time we had no idea what’s it about but we had decided to postpone our return flight haha yeah~ you know we’re like addicted with the word ‘Korea’ recently LOL and we still has vacation days left…jealous??? XD…..


…..I couldn’t seem to recognize them at first so I was like “huh? who?” but P’Koh suddenly said “that’s YoonA,,,,,SNSD YoonA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”,,,,,,,,,,,,”Taeyeon…..Tiffany..omg..that heels!!…blahblah..” he’s all excited over them…. and me? totally speechless…already died after I saw that small face/////// seriously we just watched their MV on our room last night, we were talking about how our 2PM boys so close to these girls and now THEY’RE HERE!!!!!!!! HOW???? IN THAILAND??? WE’RE DREAMING???? NO!!!! OhhhMYFGAHHHHHHHH!!!! YES! I SAW YOONA FIRST!!! SHE’S SO DANG PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN’T EVEN LIKE HER THAT MUCH BUT COULDN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF HER!! ARKKKKKKKKKKKK THIS GORGEOUS GIRL IS NOT A HUMAN!! how can someone be that gorgeous!!! and believe me!!! she’s no joke 10000000000% prettier in real life and yeah WITHOUT MAKEUP!!!!!,,,,, her skin is so flawless and her face is really really small. simply perfect goddess sent from above!!!////// and I saw she kept smiling and all just like a kid who just has her first oversea trip,,,,aww…what a cutie,,,,just noticed she really has a cute puppy smile same as Khunnie ^^……. are you laughing at me???? well, you’re right! I’ve completely fallen for this girl kekeke > <…….


……seems they’re shooting for something, YoonA’s really cheerful,,,,,eating,,,,laughing,,,,,playing around alone and with members,,,,YoonA and Taeyeon really cute together but their height is a bit…different? kekeke,,,,,,we saw Korea staff gave YoonA pill… don’t know if she’s sick or just Vitamin or something,,,,, with her lively personality it’s hard for us to tell if she’s ok or not, this girl keeps enjoying every single moment like a little kid which I found that’s really cute and nice of her ^^ am I spazzing about her too much?? haha but really!! she’s really nice!! know how popular she is in Korea and see how down-to-earth she is here….you can’t hate this girl for god’s sake……


…..all girls are so nice and pretty actually, they seem really close among members,,,you can feel the sisterly/family atmosphere from them unlike some other kpop groups I seen……


……hope they had great time here,,,,if YoonA come to Thailand again,,,,,,I will tell Khunnie to come and take care and guide her hahaha…… am I suppose to anti KhunA? T____T she’s too nice to resist and I always lose to this kind of person,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think I will start learning more about SNSD girls after we finish the vacation XD but always hottest <3333333……




Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung were seen filming at a garden, while Jessica was on the beach in a casual dress. Apparently Yoona was seen too, but while I don’t know where or for what, it seems to have been really awesome. Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica were seen eating dinner together, while Hyoyeon and Yoona who were using the hotel pool ate together afterward. Have no fear for their privacy though, the hotel was considerate enough to block the pool off to the other guests while they were in there.

This morning, Yoona and Yuri were seen eating breakfast together wearing the same outfit in different colours. Yuri had double cereal with milk while Yoona walked around the buffet piling the food up. Seohyun and Hyoyeon were there too apparently, and ate heaps.

Their trip has yet to end so this post will be updated and bumped if new stuff comes up~ ^^ Leave it to me haha.

More Updates:

Here are some more updates from various fan accounts, it seems Fany might’ve been feeling ill during the shoot. =[

HyoSeo’re taking food from bar for 3rd round XD

Yoong’s just walk pass me for a sec Omo! Real angel!


I still don’t see 5, Sic Fan, Tae, Sun & Syoung.

Hyo’s smaller than i think.

Yul tie the red ribbon on her hair…XD

Seobaby is such a goddess!

I see Yul for real!!!

KwonYul still don’t stop to eat haha..
Now all girls having lunch ^-^ , I heard abt fany was sick! T.T
…Tiffany is fine now don’t worry she go filming already ^^
Jessica is filming, omg…. *faint*
about Fany’s condition …maybe she’s not sick cause one of our fellow sone saw her and said that she’s gorgeous , all smiley and bubbly

Kwonyul ‘s already change her outfit , she’s wearing a little pink ribbon on her hair ,Mickey mouse T and a grey mini skirt
she came with Yoona . our deer is wearing a short green dress and flipflop to the dinning table

sunny already ate and Jessica is super duper cute …she’s the goddess , out of this world

Tiffany is fooling aroung with the staff , chatting and laughing so loud (fany’s so nice to all the staff and down to earth )
Last dance of Sica makes 8 SONEs are gonna die on the desk Amen….
Source: @yoontaeworld
Translation: @taengbear
I’ve just back from the hotel!
The guard didn’t allow us to enter !!!!!! I wanna cry TT^TT
I won’t talk with the guard anymore. The entrance way is so hard to find.
The guard also lied me, too. I want to die
When I asked him about the way, he answered like the hotel didn’t allow to enter.
Whatever I asked, he only answered me like they didn’t allow.
When I was in front of the hotel, I could stand only without doing anything.
Source: soshi_PP at SSFC
Translation: twitter.com/taengbear
There’s also an account from a trainee at the Hotel they were staying at, this one mainly talks about how much the girls eat. The lucky guy got to talk with the girls briefly while serving them. kyahhhh~!
He’s workin in the buffet area. He thought he may not meet them. He said they are all lovely and enjoy eating a lot.
The first three: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica.
His job is to recommand menu and serve to consumers. He talked with Jessica a lot. First, Jessica wanted to have dessert, but he recommanded her to eat a main course first. Taeyeon and Tiffany just get the food by themselves. Tiffany’s not really smile. Jessica stands beside him and orders seafood. 3 of them sit with manager. He recommanded a noodle dish to Jessica. She seems confuse. So he told her, it likes Pad Thai. She said ok. Jessica told him to make it’s delicious. It’s very easy to understand Jessica’s english. There were a lot of food on the table. He was wondering if they would be able to finish all that. Later, Jessica came back and ordered more meat and shrimp. Jessica is like a leader of ordering food because Tae&Tiff just sit at the table and eat. Later, they finish and left.
He was back to his work. Suddenly, he saw someone’s hand took banana. He looked up and that person was Hyo. She asked him if she can eat it. He told her “yes, you can.” He looked around and saw a lot of people in the buffet area. He walked to the area to see if any consumers need help and see the rest of them there. They were there for a dinner after played in the pool. He asked Sunny if she wants seafood. But she just shyly smile. Then he asked again if she wants meat. She just smile again. so, he just left her alone. Later, he met Hyo and Yoona. They were picking seafood. He offered to grill and told them he would bring it to the table. Then, Yuri Yoona Sooyoung were getting meat. Yuri & Sooyoung were back at the table, but Yoona was still picking. After grill the food, he asked Yoona where is their table. She said she doesn’t know. So she told him she will take the food to the table by herself. Later, he brought grilled seafood to Hyo. He saw them at the table, include Seohyun who he been looking for. He asked Hyo if this is the right order. She looked confused and said no. Then he asked is it yuri’s or yoona’s. Hyo said yoona was over there waiting for her food. However, at the end, she took it anyway. On his way back, he saw Yoona walking back with her food. He was back at the buffet area and the manager came to order more meat and shrimp and told him to bring it to the girls’ table. he thought, the manager already knew him since he served food to them already. The manager only ordered food from him.
He brought food for the staffs but the girls were waving. They musted have thought that it was their food. So he told them it for staffs. Later, Hyo and Seohyun were walking toward the bread section. They were whispering to each other. He went to them and asked if anything he can help. Hyo pointed at a round shape bread so he asked if she wants it. She shakes her head and smile. Hyo is very friendly. At the end, he talked too Hyo Jess Yoona Seohyun a little and manager. the rest of them just smile.
* He was a little confuse with Jessica. She asked him what kind of cake is this. He told her it’s chocolate. She said she does not eat chocolate but took it and told him it’s very delicious.

The six of them(except Tae Tiff Jess) were back from swimming and still in swimsuits with towel covered. It’s a cute swimsuit with pleat around. He said it’s not those sexy type like some of you think. Jessica looks tall. She stands beside him (he’s 170 cm), but she is the same eye level as him. Sooyoung and Yoona also tall. Yoona is very skinny.

credit:pantipคุณ :remembrance
Translation: mai_n@soompi
One other fan-account from a soon-to-be SONE states that apparently Tiffany was still feeling ill and apparently sent to the hospital early in the morning. Hopefully she’ll be okay, it doesn’t seem like anything too major.
cr: stephohwang@tumblr, silent_scream@soompi

source; yoontaeworld@twitter, 3S2Y@soompi, DevRomy@twitter, silis7noy2@soompi
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