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Forgive this lowly writer, for this one is slow and forgetful. This happened like almost a week ago, but it totally slipped my mind and I forgot to finish this post T_T. Well, no matter, better late than never right?

Alongside several projects like SSF’s ‘SONEs Around the World’ video and V-SONE’s ‘Pink-Line’ project, Thai-SONEs and Indo-SONEs have also organized some stuff. Thai-SONEs decided to get together for a project in SNSD’s name and donated blood, saving dozens or even possibly hundreds of accident or thalassemia victims around the world.

Thai actress Cheer was also there, donating blood with the rest of them. And if y’all don’t know Cheer, then you are seriously missing out. She’s a huge SNSD fan who ships TaeNy and has a majour Tiffany-bias. She’s hilarious. XD I love her.

More recently, Indo-SONEs got together in celebration of SNSD’s 3rd birthday as well, with a get-together over around 100 fans. SONE pride man.

Anyways, good going SONEs! ^^

source; soshifanclub.com, snsd-indonesia, laBelle
article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean