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[Updated w/ Fan-accounts] + [Updated w/ Jessica’s gifts + concert banners + concert pictures]

As part of their Asia Concert Tour, SNSD have only recently arrived at Shanghai, China, ready to give a great performance. Chinese S♥NEs gave the girls a big reception with cheers and smiles, and of course the usual reaction SNSD gets – alot of screaming and crowding around.

Chinese fans lined up armed with banners and heart-shaped balloons in preperation for SoShi, who are simply too cool to use the V.I.P exit reserved for celebrities like themselves.

Dandyu-duo Taeyeon and Sunny were seen first, Sunny sporting a cute cap.

They were followed closely by Sooyoung and Tiffany, in the hollywood shades.

Then came maknae Seobaby, strutting her stuff solo, following closely behind her unnies.

Yuri and birthday girl Jessica were up next, both of them looking very stylish and chic.

Last but definitely not least, Hyoyeon and Yoona brought up the rear, looking like they were taking a stroll in the park rather than through a crowd of screaming fans.

cr; baidu

The fans followed SNSD all the way up the elevator and out of the airport. While they seem like they might have been a bit uncomfortable, SNSD reportedly enjoyed the love the whole way, and waved to fans as they got into the cars. SNSD’s hoobaes SHINee were also seen there, having accompanied SNSD on the flight over.
Thank you Chinese S♥NEs for welcoming SNSD in true S♥NE fashion…screaming till your voice goes hoarse. XD It’s great to see how popular SNSD is in other countries besides Korea.

These fancams are short a blurry, but they’re currently the only ones available. There will probably be more fancams released soon.

(The first one is the best one IMO.)

cr; sonefancam

UPDATE: Some fan-accounts from the airport before the girls left and the concert rehearsal:

Ffany and Hyoyeon went in first, they came separately, then Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny and Taeyeon were together. Ssica, then lastly, Seohyun and Yoona

Yoona was so nice. I shouted her names, probably I didn’t pronounce right, she didn’t reply it. but I waved to her, and she smiled at me and waved back
Maknae was so polite, because she’s the last one(to board), I said to her wish her safe on the trip and fighting! She was smiling and said thank you to me.

韩苏荷丶 @snsd china:
Yoona was walking with sun glasses on, almost passed by me. I shouted “Yoona yah, ye bo yo” (you are pretty), I thought Yoona didn’t hear me, but surprisingly ,she took off her sun glasses and said “yeah~” All I can say is the kid is soooo gentle…
Seohyun got off the car after Yoona got in the airport (Incheon), she was talking on the phone and walked fairly quick.
Then I walked towards to the Gates, this time I saw Seohyun.. Maknae is still on the phone!!
I went the opposite direction of her, but Seohyun knows that we are soshi fans, so she said hi and smiled at us (while on the phone). she’s really good tempered.
Finally, soshi members are all polite and gentle. especially Yoona, Maknae and Yuri. All 9 members treat their fans extremely well.

Fan account @Shanghai Airport

I’m super excited, saw all 9 members really close. and went through between Maknae and Dancing Queen(Hyoyeon),(that means in front of Yoong as well) Maknae stayed in front me only 1 step away.~ Maknae and Yoong had really soft skin!!!

Fan account from the rehearsal from snsd china

Chocolate love’s rehearsal now. it’s probably due to stage difference, all nine member took a little while to get use to it.
at the extended stage the standing order is Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yoona, and Sunny, etc.

Yoong baby was in a good mood today. between the rehersal of chocolate love, she was having fun all the time. sometimes dancing to seohyun, sometimes did aegyo to sunny.


The Chinese fans were thoughtful, and remembered to bring gifts for birthday girl Sica. Some creative fans drew and framed portraits to give her, and also presented her with a massive 16-inch in diameter, double layered cake. Heheh, sones are jjang.

cr; jessicachina.net

Fans also uploaded pictures of the massive banners outside the place where the concert is to be held.

cr; baidu

I’ll be looking forward to hearing about SNSD’s stay and concert in Shanghai. Best of luck to them! Hwaiting!