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So the latest scoop in K-pop news is that front-man G-Dragon (a.k.a. Kwon Jiyong) of Big Bang is finally coming out with his solo album and following in the footsteps of the group’s lead singer, Youngbae (a.k.a. TaeYang) and Daesung.

His album has been long anticipated but because of his other works, producing music/writing lyrics for other YG Entertainment artists and for his group Big Bang,  and due to personal matters, his album was continuously pushed back. However, he has found some time finally and everyone’s raving on about the little snippets he’s releasing of the full length album

I had some time to listen to it today and I must say, I’m glad I didn’t ignore it like I had originally planned to. Why you ask? Well if you’ve been paying attention to my other posts where I talk about YG Entertainment and their artists, then you know how much I complain about this whole new image they’ve been using and how much I miss the old YG/Big Bang’s style.

But now I can shut the *bleep* up because here you have former 1TYM rapper and YG-producer, Teddy, 2NE1‘s CL, and G.D. giving you a taste of something good while they brainstorm… (oh and don’t hold your breath, this is SNSD related)

“I’m so gee gee gee gee baby baby, I’m G-D G-D G-D baby baby” SAY WHAT? This is cooler than when >>Wonder Girls’<< rapper, Yoobin, >>wrote her rap<< (in English) for Shinhwa‘s Minwoo.

Like I said, this was some Hot Duggeo Duggeo Hot shit. (By the by, Lady Gaga the Great asked Teddy to produce her album. Say what?!)

As YG comes back with their old school slowly mixing with the new, I think I’m starting to forgive them.

And yes, I don’t like G-Dragon. At least not after he changed and made everything in YG so ‘colorful’. Not saying it was entirely only his fault, but he had a major role. He made me laugh (at him), go ‘what the fu…’, and scared me ALL at the same time. I don’t like people who mess with my emotions! Plus, all those horrid hairstyles (and fashion) were worse than DBSK‘s Yoochun! (and Yoochun had some bad hairstyles as much as I love him) Meh, but I guess I can respect him for bringing up a new style in Korean ‘Hip Hop’ and giving it this whole colorful club feel to it, getting it more respect. Yeah it’s catchy and now the lyrics are more ‘love’ serious… but still miss the ‘hardcore’ YG when they’d talk about serious issues or use simple beats that were better suited for dancing.

So G.D. please stop borrowing clothes from from CL! If you don’t like those rumors about the two of you… or the fact that I’m constantly rankin’ on your fashion sense, please go back to this:

>>Concert Performance<<

^I used to glide all over my aerobics/dance room to that song haha

And here it is, the last taste of their old style before everything started to change:

Pretty good for boys who don’t know English at all and taught themselves.

Credit: taijizero, TOPpavip, krayzieygluv, RebornKorean, ch40775, RyouxE, Sinnimi, AlShinlove2, khmerchick2010 @YT

P.S. if anyone wants English translations for the videos/songs (except for the first one) just comment below and I’ll share. Didn’t wanna make this post longer than it already is XD but you know you love my post-whoring posts about other Kpop celebs just as much as you love my Kpop rambles! Just be lucky this post has nothing to do with Se7en or you would have seen a buncha random things…

P.P.S. I know there are probably ‘more important’ SNSD news articles I should be taking care of… but I’m busy tonight :p