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SNSD Tiffany shared the story about how she suffered from “singer’s nodules”.

Tiffany in a recent meeting with Newsen admitted, “I suffered from singer’s nodules during ‘Oppa Nappa’ promotion”, and added, “but I didn’t talk about it openly because fans might get worried”.

Tiffany, in last May with SNSD members Jessica and Seohyun, was actively promoting a song called Oppa Nappa. At the time, the three were gathering popularity, and were rewarded with a nickname “JeTiHyun”.

Tiffany said “After a medical treatment, my voice became huskier” and “I often hear that my voice sounds maturer”.

In the meanwhile, SNSD is taking over the music industry with their first minialbum Gee. Even after more than a month from its initial release, SNSD ‘Gee’ is taking the 1st place in both online and offline charts and is dominating the music industry.

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First off, for those who dont know, singer’s nodules is basically where a clump of mass grows on your vocal cords due to strain (somewhere along that line) on the cords. Damn man. I knew there was a voice change…but dindt think much of it. Girl is strong and considerate to keep it in but hey at least shes okay now right? I have to admit..the huskier voice…I like. alot.